Student ID #: ______________
Financial Aid Office
1964 Prairie Dell Road Union, MO 63084 636-584-6575
Verification Non-Tax Filer Letter for 2019-2020 FAFSA
Student Name (please print): ____________________________________
Student SSN: ________________________
I hereby certify that I (check the appropriate party);
___Independent student (name and SSN note above);
___Student’s spouse (Name: ____________________ SSN: __________________)
___Parent 1 (Name: ____________________________ SSN: _________________)
___Parent 2 (Name: ____________________________ SSN: _________________)
have not filed and am not required to file 2017 Federal income taxes and have
attempted to obtain a Non-Tax Filer Letter with the IRS was unable to secure this
needed documentation.
List all sources of 2017 income for the “non-tax filer” noted above, AND attach all
2017 W2’s to support those amounts.
Employer Name:
Income Amount:
Signed: ___________________________________________________
Date: _________________________