Verification Letter Request
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Type of Letter Requested:
Enrollment Verification
Good Academic Standing
Semester: Fall Spring Summer Year:
Are you currently enrolled at CSC? Yes No
Do you have an unpaid balance for the
term you are requesting verification?
Yes No
Name of Recipient / Company / Institution:
Name of Receiving Individual (if needed):
City: State: Zip Code:
Requests for enrollment verification for terms in which there is a balance due and for future
terms will be mailed directly from Connors State College to the agency providing funds, etc., to
pay on students account. Student is responsible for providing address for the requesting agency.
Letters are mailed, not faxed.
Student Signature: Date:
Registrar’s Office Use
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Last updated 9/22/2020.
Please return the comp
leted form to the Office of Admissions in
Warner or Muskogee, or email it to
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