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NAME OF PROFICIENCY AWARD _________________________________________________________________
Requirements completed by end of term: FALL, 20 _____ SPRING, 20 _____ SUMMER, 20 _____
OTHER COLLEGES ATTENDED __________________________________________________________________
Attach an unofficial Ventura College transcript and official transcripts from other colleges if coursework is being used for this award.
CLASSES REQUIRED FOR PROFICIENCY AWARD: Catalog Year ____-____ Units Units in
Completed Progress
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No. Units at VC: _________ _________
Total Award units: _________ _________
Cumulative GPA (2.0 or higher): ________________
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met the requirements for this Proficiency Award.
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INSTRUCTIONS Application for Proficiency Award:
1. Download the “Application for Departmental Proficiency Award” from
2. Complete the application. Consult the college catalog ( for a list of the required
*Print your name as you want it to appear on the Award, but the last name must be the same as it is on your transcripts. If
your last name has changed, you must request a name change by presenting a picture ID at the Admissions Office that
reflects the name change. Please understand that all of your college records will be changed to reflect the new name.
3. Attach an unofficial copy of your transcripts from Ventura College (it will include any courses you have taken at
Moorpark and/or Oxnard Colleges).
4. Attach official transcripts from other colleges you have attended.
5. Sign the application and submit it to the appropriate Division Office.
Proficiency Awards are issued by instructional departments; for example, a Proficiency Award for Bookkeeping is issued
by the Accounting Department, which is part of the Business Division. Therefore an application for a PA in Bookkeeping
will be submitted to the Business Division Office.
6. You will be notified by the appropriate Division or Department Office once your application has been evaluated.