Vehicle Bill of Sale
THIS BILL OF SALE is executed this day of ________________________, by
________________________, (hereinafter "Seller") , residing at ________________________
________________________, ________________________ ________________________ for
the benefit of ________________________ (hereinafter "Buyer"), residing at
________________________ ________________________, ________________________
For and in consideration of ________________________, which has been acknowledged to have
been received by Seller, Seller hereby transfers to Buyer all rights of Seller in the following
motor vehicle:
Make: ________________________
Model: ________________________
Year: ________________________
Odometer Reading: ________________________
Body Type: ________________________
Vehicle Identification Number (VIN): ________________________
Located in: ________________________ County, ________________________.
The form of payment used will be ________________________ and sales tax will not be
included as part of the purchase price.
Federal law mandates that the Seller explicitly state the correct mileage of the motor vehicle
upon any transfer of ownership. Failure to comply may result in fines, imprisonment, or other
The Seller states that the current reading of the vehicle's odometer is
________________________ miles. This statement is made to the best of the seller's knowledge,
and the seller furthermore affirms that he or she has not altered or changed the odometer reading
while the vehicle was in the Seller's possession, and has no knowledge of any other individual
making such alterations or changes.
The sale and transfer of this motor vehicle is made on an "AS IS" basis, without any express or
implied warranties, with no recourse to the Seller, provided that Seller can issue proof that it has
title to the property without any liens or encumbrances.
The Buyer has been given the opportunity to inspect, or have inspected, the motor vehicle as
defined above. The Buyer agrees to accept all property in its existing state.
In witness, the parties execute on this Bill of Sale on ________________________,
Signature of Buyer
Signature of Seller
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Additional Notes:
Make sure that this Bill of Sale
document is completed, and signed
by both parties. Once signed, it will
go into effect on the effective date
specified in the document.
The buyer should be provided with
the original document, and a copy
should be made and provided to the
This document cannot be used to
legally buy or sell real estate.