Rev Oct 16
Vacant and New Position Analysis
To be completed when a UA Statewide position becomes vacant or new position is requested.
Please complete the entire form for all UA Statewide Regular, Term, and Executive vacancies. Where applicable,
provide separate documents with justification.
Job Family Title:
Prior Incumbent:
Date of Vacancy: (mm/dd/yy)
Employee/Position Types:
Non-exempt, Exempt, or Executive:
Continuing or Term:
PCN: (six digits)
Funding Type:
(unrestricted/restricted): '
Restricted Fund Source:
(grant name and number)
Fund and Org:
Hiring Authority Approval:
VP/Direct Report Approval:
Critical Functions of Position:
Are the duties of this position Primarily Compliance?
If Yes, provide
information/documentation in
the Memo of Justification.
Is this position On Call 24/7?
Does the position have Security Responsibilities?
Is this position required by Policy or Regulation?
Other Position Function Information:
Additional Information
Is the Position Description current and accurate?
Could the duties of this position be permanently reassigned to another
position(s) within the department?
Could the duties of this position be permanently reassigned to or
shared with another position(s) within Statewide?
Could the duties be reassigned to another university?
Could the work be outsourced?
Could the duties be reassigned to a Student or Temporary Worker? Is
there adequate Labor Pool Budget to cover these additional expenses?
Could the hours be reduced without impacting the services provided?
Could the duties be temporarily reassigned to another position(s)?
Are there other vacancies within the department? If yes, how many?
Not Posted:
When are the busiest times for this position?
When are the slower times for this position?
What is the impact of not refilling this position?
Provide information in the Memo of
What is the impact of delaying the recruitment of this position?
ALL requests to fill a position require a Memo of Justification which includes the information outlined above.
Requests should be submitted to Human Resources after the Vice President or Direct Report to the President approves.
Budget Approval (prior to President’s approval): _______________________________Date:_____________
Comments: ______________________________________________________________________________
Human Resources Approval (prior to President’s approval): ____________________ Date: _____________
Comments: _
Effective Date (if different than approval date): ________________________________________________
Presidents Approval: _____________________________________________________Date: ____________