VSMP Project Completion Form
Project Name: Date:
Tax / Parcel No(s): Date of
Approved Plans:
VSMP/Stormwater Permit Number:
Has the project been built in conformance with the approved plans? (If no, provide a written
Have the stormwater conveyance system(s) and facility (ies), including, but not limited to BMPs,
culverts, storm sewers, channels, etc., been installed in conformance with the approved plans?
Have all storm structures and sewers been sealed/bricked and mortared and inverts been
Are all the storm sewer structures and pipes/channels clean?
Have the inlet and/or outlet protection(s) been installed as shown on the approved plans?
Have all disturbed areas been properly stabilized with a minimum of 70% vegetative cover and
100% vegetative cover over areas upstream of stormwater BMPs?
Has a construction record drawing for each permanent stormwater management facility been
submitted to the Administrator for stormwater management facilities requiring a maintenance
agreement(s)? The construction record drawing shall be appropriately sealed and signed by a
professional registered in the Commonwealth of Virginia, certifying that the stormwater
management facilities have been constructed in accordance with the approved plan. (This is
required to release the financial guarantee.)
Applicants Contact Information
Name: Email:
Address: Phone:
Administrative Use Only
Inspection Date: Project conforms to plans
Financial Guarantee Release Date: Project eligible for release
[Local Administrator]