To be completed by an Authorised Person presenting a vehicle for registration or pre-registration inspection.
This form must be completed by an Authorised Person in respect of each vehicle being presented for registration or
pre-registration inspection at an NCTS Centre.
The presented vehicle will not be registered unless this form is fully completed.
An Invoice / Declaration of Sale from the vehicle seller must accompany this form.
Please use BLOCK LETTERS only when completing this form.
VRT - Vehicle Purchase Details Form
Authorised Person, e.g. Dealer or Distributor
If you are in doubt about any part of this declaration you should contact your local Revenue ofce.
I, the undersigned, declare that I acquired the vehicle detailed above, and that the information contained on this form is correct.
Name (Block Letters):
Signature: Date:
It is an offence to make a false declaration. A false declaration will result in steps to recover tax and may result in nancial
penalties (min. €5,000) and / or prosecution.
This document will be scanned by the NCTS upon receipt and the original will be forwarded to the Revenue Commissioners.
The Revenue Commissioners collect taxes and duties and implement customs controls. Revenue requires customers to provide certain
personal data for these purposes and certain other statutory functions as assigned by the Oireachtas. Your personal data may be
exchanged with other Government Departments and agencies in certain circumstances where this is provided for by law. Revenue’s
data protection policy and information on your data protection rights are available on
1 - Vehicle Details
Make Model Version Foreign Registration No.
VIN / Chassis No.:
2 - Authorised Person
Name Address
Contact Number Email Address (if available)
4 - Vehicle Purchase Details
Invoice Type* Currency Net Vehicle Invoice Price
(excl. VAT)
Other Amount Total Invoice Price
* Specify whether the Invoice is a Margin Scheme Invoice, a Zero Rated VAT Invoice, a Standard Rate VAT Invoice or a Private Sale.
Seller’s TAN:Authorised Person from whom the vehicle was purchased:
If purchased from a Person or Business, please give details below:
3b - Irish State Based Person / Business From Whom The Vehicle Was Purchased
Name of Seller Address
Contact Number Email Address (if available)
Motor DealerPlease tick whether a: Auction House Private Individual
3a - Foreign Based Person / Business From Whom The Vehicle Was Purchased
Name of Seller Address
Contact Number Email Address (if available) Website (if available)
Other Business
Please complete either Section 3a or 3b - do not complete both
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