VR-094 (06-17)
Motorcycle Equipment Certication
Year Make Model VehicleIdenticationNumber EngineNo.
I certify that the vehicle described herein meets the equipment and safety standards applicable to motorcycles under Federal Law and for titling
and registration in the State of Maryland as set forth in the Maryland Vehicle Laws and the applicable Rules and Regulations of the Motor Vehicle
Administration. I further certify that, as long as the title is in my name, I will not modify or cause to be modied, the exhaust system of the above
described motorcycle, in accordance with Maryland Vehicle Law, Section 22-609, unless said motorcycle is used exclusively for participation in
organized, licensed, off-the-road contests, in which case I will return my registration plate for cancellation.
A person may not operate a motorcycle that has a rating of 1.5 brake horsepower or less, or a capacity of less than 70 cubic centimeters piston
displacement on a roadway where the posted maximum speed limit is more than 50 miles per hour, or on any expressway or other controlled access
Dealer Name Signature of Dealer Representative Date Dealer No.
Street City County State Zip Code
Name of Owner Name of Co-Owner
Signature of Owner Date Signature of Co-Owner Date
Owner’s Soundex Co-Owner’s Soundex
Owner’s Street Address Co-Owner’s Street Address
City County State Zip Code City County State Zip Code
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