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S e c o n d a r y s c h o o l r e p o r t
Name of applicant___________________________________________________________________________________________________
last, first, middle, prex
Applicants address___________________________________________________________________________________________________
street , city, state, zip
official name, address
School guidance department telephone number ____________________________________
CEEB secondary school number _____________________________
School Grading Key: (numerical equivalent, i.e. C = 70-75)
A = ___________________ B = _____________________ C = _____________________ D = ___________________
Rate the strength of curriculum this student has completed
______ Minimal college prep ______ Demanding ______ Very Demanding ______ Most Demanding
We ask that you provide the following information so that we can know more about your school and this applicant.is form is confidential and will
be destroyed before the student matriculates at Virginia Military Institute. Please submit this form via mail or upload it to our secure site:
Objective information about the applicant:
1. is applicant ranks __________ from the top in a class numbering __________.is applicant has a cumulative grade point
average of __________ on a 4.0 scale. is data covers the period from ______________ through ______________.
2. In what context(s) have you known the applicant? _______________________________________________________________________
3. Will this student receive the Virginia Advanced Studies Diploma? ___ Yes ___ No
4. Is the student enrolled in the International Baccalaureate (IB) program, Advanced Placement (AP) or Advanced Placement (AP) Capstone
Experience? ___ Yes ___ No If Yes, which program? _______________________________________________________________
5. Has the applicant ever been placed on probation, served any suspension or dismissed from your institution? ___ Yes ___ No
6. Do you have any reason to doubt this students honesty or to think he/she would find it difficult to work under an honor system?
___ Yes ___ No If yes, please explain fully.
Signature of person completing this form ___________________________________ Print name: ___________________________________
E-mail address: ____________________________ Title: _____________________________________ Phone number: _________________
Important note: e high school counselor should send this student’s mid-year report to the Oce of Admissions by February 1 or soon thereafter.
is report may be sent on the school’s standard grade report form.
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