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Admissions and Financing
The VMI education represents an uncommon value, one that continues to be acknowledged by observers in higher education.
VMI ranks among the top colleges in the nation in U.S. News & World Report and in Money magazine. You may also schedule
a visit to VMI – or ask questions about the application process – by calling the Admissions Office at 800-767-4207 or 540-
Important Dates
2019-2020 Open House Dates
13-14 September 2019
18-19 October 2019
8-9 November 2019
7-8 February 2020
28-29 February 2020
27-28 March 2020
Merit Scholarship deadline
1 February 2020
I n s t r u c t i o n s f o r a p p l i c a n t s
Please read carefully the following instructions. Answer all
questions concisely and carefully. To apply for admission to VMI:
Complete the application.
Submit the $40 application fee payable to VMI. We honor the
ACT, College Board and/or NACAC fee waiver requests for
students who meet the criteria.
Have your guidance counselor complete the Secondary School
Report, attach an official transcript, and mail to VMI with your
Guidance Counselor/School Administrator recommendation
form (Counselor or school official recommendation is mandatory.)
Complete the Virginia In-State Tuition Form if you are an
applicant who claims legal domicile in the Commonwealth of
Transfer students must complete the College Report form
Candidates must submit scores from either the College
Board Aptitude Test (SAT I) or the American College Testing
Program (ACT).VMI’s SAT code is 5858; its ACT code is
4418. Applicants whose first language is not English must
also take the Test of Eng lish as a Foreign Language (TOEFL).
High school guidance coun selors should be consulted for
information. Outside the United States, American embassies,
consulates, offices of the U.S. Informa tion Service, or other
educational agencies can provide informa tion. If information is
not locally available, foreign applicants should write to TOEFL,
Educational Testing Service, Princeton, NJ 08540
You may apply online by accessing the VMI home page at
Personal interviews (optional)
Applicants are strongly
encouraged to contact a VMI alumnus and request a
personal interview. Refer to the Alumni Resources Web page
with-an-alumnus/ to locate an alumnus in your area. Many
alumni have oered to serve as points of contact and sources
of information to applicants and prospective cadets. If you
need additional assistance locating an alumnus in your area,
please contact the Office of Admissions.
Personal statement (optional)Applicants are strongly
encouraged to submit a statement indicating why you are
interested in VMI and how our educational system can help
you achieve your personal and educational goals.
Receipt of your application initiates your file. If you do not
receive an acknowledgement within one month of submission,
please write or call 800/767-4207.
Your midterm grades should be sent to us by February 1, or as
soon as available.
Early decision deadline is November 15, and these decisions
will be mailed no later than December 15. Regular decision
deadline is February 1. Applications will be accepted on a space-
available basis after February 1. Applicants deferred from early
decision and regular decision applicants will be notified on a
rolling basis.
All scholarship or walk-on athletes are required to register with
the NCAA Eligibility Center for determining eligibility. Obtain
a Student Release Form from your counselor.
Decisions—Applicants meeting the November 15 deadline
for early decision will be notified no later than December 15.
Beginning January 1, on a rolling basis, decisions will be made on
all applications for regular decision and those applicants deferred
from early decision. A waiting list may be necessary. Additionally,
due to the physical rigors of VMI, applicants may be evaluated
based upon their height and weight. Please refer to the Prepare
section of the Admissions home page for the Fitness Standards
(height/weight chart) and further information.
Reservations—Accepted applicants will be sent conditional
appoint ments pending establishment of a reservation. A reservation
requires submission of a satisfactory medical report, a signed accep-
tance of the appointment, and payment of a $300 advance deposit.
Conditionally appointed applicants must also maintain satisfactory
academic and disiplinary/criminal conduct. e advance deposit
is deducted from the total charges for the first year of enrollment.
It is refundable if requested in writing before May 1, or if the
applicant is physically disqualified. Medical approval is based on
stringent guidelines that insure all new cadets can succeed with
the rigors of VMI. Department of Defense Instruction (DoD
Directive 6130.03) is used as a baseline but not strictly followed
in every respect. [Links to this document can be found on the
VMI Web site ( Admissions home page under Apply
Online.] For more information, please contact the VMI physician
at 540/464-7218. Note: In accordance with the VMI Marriage
and Parenthood Policy, any cadet who marries or incurs the
responsibilities of parenthood is expected to resign from the Corps.
Upon matriculation, and upon return to VMI each fall, all cadets
shall conrm their knowledge and understanding of this policy.
e Virginia Military Institute is committed to providing an environment that emphasizes the dignity and worth of every member of its community and that is free from harassment and discrimination based on
race, sex, color, national origin, religion, age, veteran status, sexual orientation, pregnancy, genetic information, against otherwise qualied persons with disabilities, or based on any other status protected by law.
In pursuit of this goal, any question of impermissible discrimination on these bases will be addressed with eciency and energy and in accordance with VMI General Order 16. General Order 16 also addresses
complaints or reports of retaliation against those who have opposed prohibited practices, those who have led complaints or reports of prohibited practices, and those who have testied or otherwise participated in
enforcement of General Order 16. Questions regarding discrimination prohibited by Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, or other federal law, may be referred to the VMI Inspector General and Title
IX Coordinator, 212 Carroll Hall, VMI, Lexington, VA 24450, (540) 464-7072. Any cadet or prospective cadet having questions about disability services for students should contact the Director of the Center for
Cadet Counseling and Disability Services, 448 Institute Hill, 2nd oor, Post Inrmary, Lexington, Va. 24450, (540) 464-7667. For employment-related disability services, contact the Americans with Disabilities
Act Coordinator in the VMI Human Resources Oce, Lexington, VA 24450, (540) 464-7322.
Virginia Military Institute Lexington, Virginia 24450-0304 Click here to view VMI’s Non-Discrimination Statement.
F i n a n c i a l i n f o r m a t i o n
2019-2020 SESSION
Tuition and Fees In-State Out-of-State International
Tuition $ 9,284 $36,128 $36,128
Room 2,924 2,924 2,924
Board 6,842 6,842 6,842
Auxiliary Fees
Athletic 3,544 3,544 3,544
Medical 512 512 512
Cadet Facilities/Activities 2,302 2,302 2,302
Quartermaster Charges
Laundry/Pressing 418 418 418
Haircuts 288 288 288
Uniforms/UMA Activities 2,770 2,770 2,770
Health Insurance
International Cadets only 1,000
Security Deposit
(new and re-admits only) 200 200 200
Total (new and re-admits) $29,084 $55,928 $56,928
e Quartermaster Charge covers haircuts and the issuing,
tailoring, laundering, and pressing of uniforms. Cadet uniforms are
state property and must be returned to the Institute.
e Security Deposit covers damages and/or loss of Institute
property and unpaid obligations to VMI. VMI returns (without
interest) this deposit, less any deductions for damages or unpaid
obligations, upon the graduation of the cadet or the termination of
the cadetship. is deposit is not the same as the Reservation Fee.
Health Insurance is required for all international cadets. Please
contact the Oce of International Programs for specic health
coverage information. Amount included is an estimate for the 2018-
2019 academic year.
Payment Schedule
In-State Out-of-State International
Reservation fee due May 1 $ 300.00 $ 300.00 $300.00
On or before August 1 14,342.00 27,764.00 28,764.00
On or before December 15 14,442.00 27,864.00 27,864.00
Total $29,084.00 $55,928.00 $56,928.00
A late fee of $100 or 10 percent of the unpaid balance, whichever
is less, will be assessed for failure to pay tuition and fees as required.
VMI oers an interest-free monthly payment option and other edu-
cation payment services in cooperation with Tuition Management
Systems (TMS) that allow the academic years expenses to be handled
in monthly payments. For information, call TMS at 800/722-4867.
Payable by the cadet include textbooks, supplies, automobile
registration, and non-issue clothing. e cadet must pay for such
items with cash, check, or bank credit card at the time of purchase.
Cadets may be dismissed from the Institute for failure to pay tuition
and fees or any other nancial obligation to the Institute as required.
In addition, the Institute reserves the right to hold grades, credits,
transcripts and diplomas until all obligations to the Institute are
satised. Cadets must satisfy all nancial obligations to the Institute
for the past semesters or terms before they will be allowed to register
for any succeeding semester or term.
e VMI financial aid program provides monetary assistance
to cadets who otherwise would be unable to attend, and to cadets
with superior abilities. Need-based awards are based on the cadet’s
financial need as demonstrated through the Free Application for
Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).
Most awards include grants, scholarships, and loans. Applicants
for financial aid will be considered for these awards. Sources of aid at
VMI include Perkins Loans; Pell Grants; Supplemen tal Educational
Opportunity Grants; State Undergraduate Grants; VMI Board of
Visitors scholarships; VMI Foundation, Inc., scholarships; merit
scholarships; athletic scholar ships; and ROTC scholarships.
Cadets may also apply for Staord Loans, which are available
regardless of need. Cadets must apply for financial aid before submit-
ting a Staord Loan application. Parents may borrow up to the full
cost of the education, minus any aid the student is eligible to receive,
through the PLUS loan program. VMI participates in the Federal
Direct Loan Program.
Normally, payment of financial aid stipends is made in two
install ments, credited to the cadet’s account each semester. Electronic
statements, available online to cadets in July and December, will
reflect credit for aid awarded. In the event a cadet withdraws before
the end of the refund period, financial aid credits will be prorated.
Cadets must apply for aid each year by submitting the VMI
Statement of Educational Purpose and a FAFSA. e FAFSA is
completed online at
Four-year and three-year ROTC scholarships are awarded to selected
high school graduates on a national competitive basis. ese are
normally awarded before matriculation at VMI; however, ROTC
scholarships may become available for upperclassmen based upon
performance, academic proficiency, and motivation toward a service
career. Details are available at each of the ROTC departments at
VMI. Application deadlines for these scholar ship programs normally
fall near the end of the first semester of the senior year in high school.
State Cadets are residents of Virginia who receive special
appoint ments by the Board of Visitors, as specified in the Code of
Virginia. State Cadetships, limited in number, are restricted to bona
fide residents of Virginia who demonstrate that it would be impossible
to attend VMI without this financial assistance. Application forms,
furnished by the Financial Aid Officer on request, should be
submitted before March 1 of the year in which the applicant wishes
to enter VMI.
Virginia Military Institute Lexington, Virginia 24450-0304 Click here to view VMI’s Non-Discrimination Statement.
e State Cadet assumes certain obligations to the Common-
wealth of Virginia in return for the financial assistance.e Sections
of the Code of Virginia setting forth provisions for and obligations
of State Cadetships may be obtained from the Financial Aid Office.
e Institute Scholars Program awards scholarships to
outstanding entering cadets with well-above-average high school grade
point averages, test scores, and leadership skills. Financial need is not
a con sideration. ese scholarships can meet a large portion of the
cost of attending VMI. Scholarships are renewable, subject to annual
review. For more information, contact the VMI Office of Admissions
at 540/464-7211 or access the VMI home page at
Applicants interested in financial aid must complete the
VMI Statement of Educational Purpose and the Free Application
for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Submission of the FAFSA is
mandatory. e FAFSA, online at, must by
submitted by March 1. In completing the FAFSA, applicants should
list VMI as one of their college choices.VMI’s school code is 003753.
In order to receive financial assistance, satisfactory progress and
good standing must be maintained. Award decisions are made in
March and April; applicants are normally notified in April. For more
information, contact the Financial Aid Office at 540/464-7208 or
visit our Web site.
Virginia Military Institute Lexington, Virginia 24450-0304 Click here to view VMI’s Non-Discrimination Statement.
Application for admission 2020-2021
1. Name _________________________________________________________________________________________________________
last first middle Jr., etc. (preferred name)
2. Address_________________________________________________________________________________________________________
street city state zip
3. If Virginia resident, name county__________________________ or city _______________________ of legal domicile.
(Complete the Application for Virginia in-state tuition rates form.)
4. Are you applying for in-state tuition per Section 23.7.4, Code of Virginia? ___ Yes ___ No
5. Do you anticipate using Post-9/11 GI Bill
or Montgomery GI Bill
Benets? ___ Yes ___ No
6. If not a Virginia resident, name state ____________________________________________________________________of legal domicile.
7. Telephone: Home ________________________________________________ Cell: _________________________________________
8. Date of birth___________________ City, State, and Country of birth _________________________________________ Age__________
9. Gender Male or Female ________________
10. E-mail address __________________________________________________
11. Social Security number ____________________________________ (Required for students applying for financial aid)
12. Please ll in your probable choice of major curriculum: 1st Choice: _______________________ 2nd Choice: _____________________.
Some academic departments are limited in space; it is possible you may be oered an appointment to your second choice major.
Applied Mathematics • Biology • Chemistry • Civil Engineering • Computer Science • Economics and Business
Electrical and Computer Engineering
English • History • International Studies • Mechanical Engineering • Modern Languages • Physics • Psychology
13. Do you plan to pursue a commission? ___ Yes ___ No If yes, what branch? ____________________________________
14. Are you applying for an ROTC scholarship? ___ Yes ___ No
15. Have you attended any college or university since graduating from high school? ___ Yes ___ No
16. _____ I am applying for early decision (by November 15), and I know if I am accepted I must withdraw other applications and attend VMI.
_____ I am applying for regular decision.
_____ I am applying as a transfer student
17. Father’s full name ________________________________________________________________________________________________
Home telephone_________________________________________ Cell phone_______________________________________________
Mothers full name _______________________________________________________________________________________________
Home telephone_________________________________________ Cell phone_______________________________________________
Please advise if either parent is deceased, or if parents are separated or divorced ________________________________________________
If not living with both parents, with whom do you make your permanent home?______________________________________________
Name Relationship
18. Give name, class year, and relationship of relatives who have attended VMI____________________________________________________
19. Name of secondary school from which you will graduate or have graduated__________________________________________________
Year of graduation______________
(Continued on other side.)
GI Bill® is a registered trademark of the U.S. Department of Veterans Aairs (VA).
More information about education benets oered by VA is available at the ocial U.S. government Web site at https://www.bene
Virginia Military Institute Lexington, Virginia 24450-0304 Click here to view VMI’s Non-Discrimination Statement.
20. List all colleges attended since graduating from high school and dates of attendance: ____________________________________________
21. Indicate number of years’ participation in the following extracurricular activities (grades 9-12):
I. Athletics
______ Baseball ______ Golf ______ Rugby ______ Tennis ______ Water Polo ______ Basketball
______ Lacrosse ______ Soccer ______ Track ______Cross-Country ______ Martial Arts ______ Softball
______Volleyball ______Football ______ Rifle ______ Swimming ______ Wrestling
II. Activities/Honors
______ Boys’ State ______ Gold Award ______ Officer Club/Activity ______ JROTC/Civil Air Patrol
______ Girls’ State ______ National Honor Society ______ Member Student Gov. ______ Band/Instrument
______ Eagle Scout ______ Officer Student Body/Class ______ Captain Athletic Team ______ Chorus
______ Yearbook ______ Newspaper
22. List other school/nonschool activities (e.g., church, civic, jobs, clubs)________________________________________________________
23. Have you ever been placed on probation, suspended (including in-school suspensions), dismissed, or are charges pending from any school or
college? ___ Yes ___ No If yes, please provide a detailed explanation including dates: _________________________________________
24. Have you ever been arrested for or convicted of any violation of any local, state or federal law other than a minor traffic violation, or are any
charges pending against you? ___ Yes ___ No
If yes, please provide a detailed explanation including dates: _______________________________________________________________
25. Have you ever been arrested, convicted or received adjudication as a juvenile for any violation of any local, state or federal law other than a
minor trac violation, or are any charges pending against you? ___ Yes ___ No
If yes, please provide a detailed explanation including dates: _______________________________________________________________
26. If you have served in an active or reserve component of the U.S. Armed Forces, give component, rank, dates of service, and type of discharge:
27. List all subjects you are taking in your senior year _______________________________________________________________________
28. When did you take or will you take the SAT?_______________ the ACT?_________________ the TOEFL? _______________________
29. Have you previously applied to VMI ? ___ Yes ___ No If yes, in what year ? __________________
30. List any other colleges to which you are applying _______________________________________________________________________
31. If not a U.S. citizen, what is your country of birth? ______________________________________________________________________
Country of Citizenship ____________________________________ Native language spoken ___________________________________
If not a U.S. citizen, but legally residing in the United States, please list the state in which you reside: _______________________________
What type of Visa do you hold? _______________ Is your Visa resident alien ___ Yes ___ No
Is your student Visa Non-Work? ___ Yes ___ No Are you seeking an F-1 Visa ___ Yes ___ No
32.Height__________ inches Weight____________ pounds (required elds)
33.I certify I have truthfully and accurately answered the foregoing questions to the best of my knowledge, and I understand any false or concealed
information will be grounds for rejection of my application or subsequent termination of my cadetship. I also understand that any change in the
information included on this application must be reported immediately to the VMI Admissions Office.
Signature of applicant ____________________________________________________________ Date _______________________________
* For more information on medical approval, contact the VMI physician at 540/464-7218.