Name: ________________________________________Student ID: __________________________
Mailing Address: ___________________________________________ City: ____________________
State: ________ Zip Code: _________________Phone Number: ______________________________
FKCC email
Indicate the term for which you are requesting certification:
Fall: ______ Spring: _______ Summer: _______ Year:
Total Term Credit Hours: ________
Degree Goal:
A.S. in _________________________
A.A.S in ________________________
Bachelor of Applied Science
Certificate in ___________________
Transient, list Home School___________________________________
Please check your V.A. Benefit Category:
Post 9/11 G.I. Bill (Ch 33) Selected Reserve/Nat’l Guard (Ch 1606)
Montgomery G.I. Bill (Ch 30) Reserve Ed. Assist. Program (Ch 1607)
Vocational Rehabilitation (Ch 31) VEAP (Chapter 32) or VRAP
Survivors and Dependents Educational Assistance (Ch 35) VA File #_______________
Please indicate other sources of financial assistance being used:
Tuition Assist/EDD Scholarship Fin Aid Waiver Employer Assistance
1. Eligible veterans and dependents are responsible for notifying the V.A. office at FKCC of their intent to use
VA educational benefits. Submit a Certification Request form to the Office of Financial Aid and Veteran’s
Affairs each semester by email to, by fax to 3052925166 or in person to our office
located in Building A of our Key West Campus.
2. Register ONLY for courses that will apply to your degree program. Only courses that apply towards your
declared major will be certified. Students are not notified / informed of reduced certification hours due to
3. You must immediately notify the Veterans office when any of the following situations occur. Failure to do
so may result in an overpayment collection.
a. Add or Drop a class
b. Change your major or program
c. Change your address
d. Withdraw from a class or college
e. Change your dates of attendance
f. Use other sources of assistance (Such as Scholarships, DOD Tuition Assistance, or Waivers)
g. Fail or withdraw from all courses
4. If you do not make satisfactory academic progress and are suspended by the college, your GI Bill benefits
cannot be resumed until you have met the college requirements for reinstatement.
5. Students receiving Chapter 30, 1606, or 1607 benefits are required to log onto the GI Bill web site at and click on WAVE (Web Automated Verification of Enrollment) on the last day of each
month to verify enrollment with the V.A. or call 18884424551. (Verification for Post 9/11GI Bill is not
6. A tuition deferment for up to 60 days (30 days for Summer terms) is available to veterans and dependents
upon request. Deferments are not automatic.
Please be advised that courses shorter than the standard term length may affect the amount of money VA sends you each month.
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