Physical Therapist Assistant Program
Students admitted to the Physical Therapist Assistant Program are required to have their medical
provider complete this form.
Students participating in BCC’s Physical Therapist Assistant Program must be capable of performing the
Physical Therapist Assistant Programs Essential Functions with or without reasonable accommodation*.
The Physical Therapist Assistant Programs Essential Functions establishes the minimum physical and
mental requirements for all students participating in the programs courses and clinicals. A list of the
program's essential functions is available on the reverse side of this form.
Student Information
Student Name: ______________________ DOB: ___________________BCC ID___________
Medical Provider Verification
Based on my review of the student’s health history and medical examination of the student and
review of the Physical Therapist Assistant Programs Essential Functions (on reverse), this
student is:
Cleared for all classroom/lab/clinical participation without restriction
Not cleared at this time; will require a meeting with the Disability Service Center to assess for
the applicability/appropriateness of accommodations *
Not cl
eared at this time; short term limitation that will require a follow-up visit to the
physician: List restrictions:
Not cleared
Medical Provider Information
Medical Provider: ________________________________________ Telephone: _____-_____-______
Office/Practice: __________________________________________ Fax: _____-_____-______
Street City State Zip code
Date of Physical Exam: ___________
Medical Provider Signature: _______________________________________ Date ______________
Please return completed form to: Berkshire Community College
Nursing, Health and Immunization Office, Room H310
1350 West Street, Pittsfield, MA 01201
Telephone: 413-236-4609; Fax: 800-724-9943
*A student with a disability who may need accommodations should contact the Disability Resource Center at
Rev. May 1, 2020
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Rev. May 1, 2020
Essential Functions: Physical Therapist Assistant Program
Berkshire Community College seeks to provide equal access to its programs, services and activities for all
people. The Essential Functions of a student enrolled in the Physical Therapist Assistant Program
requires that the student, with or without reasonable accommodations, must be able to:
Categories of
Essential Functions
Example of Technical Standard
Critical Thinking/ Problem
Solving Skills
Collect, interpret and integrate information and make decisions.
Read and comprehend relevant information.
Identify cause/effect relationships in the provision of health care.
Respond calmly and effectively to emergencies.
Use effective teaching, learning and test taking strategies.
Interpersonal Skills
Embody the spirit of cooperation and collegiality, employing basic
conflict management skills as situations require.
Establish positive, supportive, effective and harmonious relationships in
diverse settings, with diverse patient/client and colleagues.
Social Coping Skills
Respond appropriately to stressful environments or during impending
Concentrate on professional duties without distraction in all settings.
Set priorities and perform all aspects of therapy services in fast-paced
academic and clinical situations.
Cope effectively with psychosocial issues involving illness, disability and
death without hindering effective performance of duties.
Communication Skills
Communicate effectively in English using verbal, non-verbal and written
cognize, interpret and respond to non-verbal behavior.
Physical Mobility/Motor
Demonstrate adequate coordination, balance speed and agility to assist
and safely manage patients who are walking on level and unlevel terrain
to include: stairs, ramps, grass/gravel, curbs, and diverse home flooring.
ve, adjust and position patients or equipment which involves
bending, stooping freely to the floor, reaching overhead, lifting, pulling
or guiding a weight of 200
Maintain and/or transition between postures that may include,
standing, kneeling, walking and crawling for up to 90 minutes without
nipulate devices with sufficient dexterity bimanually
Manipulate small nuts/bolts, and equipment settings with sufficient
hand strength and dexterity.
Sensory Abilities
Visualrecognize and interpret facial expressions and body language
and patient posture, identify normal and abnormal patterns of
movement, discriminate color changes and interpret and assess the
ronment up to 20 feet; read or set parameters on physical therapy
Auditoryrecognize and respond to soft voices or voices under
protective garb, auditory timers, equipment/emergency alarms, and
vely use devices for the measurement of vital sign and breather
sounds. Be able to hear patients and respond to patient critical
when not in direct line of site.
ctile palpate a pulse and detect changes or abnormalities of surface
texture, skin temperature, body segment contour, muscle tone and joi