Rev 05/2018 HR/AARM HR8.150VerificationofEducationalCred.doc
The university is required to verify the highest degree level that was shown on your application for employment
at the university, whether it is high school or college. This information is required as a condition of your
We will attempt to verify your educational credentials. Please provide the following information to assist us:
Name: ________________________________________________ Banner#: ______________________
Date of Birth:___________________________________________ Date of Hire: ___________________
Name of Institution from which highest degree was conferred/awarded:
Mailing Address of Institution that awarded/conferred the degree/diploma:
Diploma/Degree conferred/awarded: _________________________________________________________
Date Degree/Diploma was conferred/awarded:__________________________________________________
Name under which Degree/
Diploma was awarded: _____________________________________________________________________
I certify this information to be accurate to the best of my knowledge. I understand that if UNCW is unable to
verify my credentials using this information, that I am responsible for securing the verifications and having
them mailed directly from the institution to UNCW Human Resources. I further understand that failure to have
educational credentials verified will result in disciplinary action, suspension, or separation from employment.
Employee’s Signature: ____________________________________________ Date:__________________
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