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If you have attended a Virginia Community College, please complete the section below to have your credits transferred
to Lord Fairfax Community College. Once the evaluation has been completed, you will be able to view the results
through your MYLFCC account. Please note:
You do not need to submit an official transcript from other VCCS colleges.
You must be enrolled in a program of study to have your transfer credit awarded.
No credit will awarded for transfer courses with grades lower than a “C”, courses with grades of “P” or “S”, or
for developmental courses.
After transfer credits are posted to your account, you will be notified via your VCCS email.
If you are currently enrolled at another VCCS college, you must submit an additional form to transfer any current
classes after grades are posted.
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Student Name:
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My Planned Program(s) of Study:
Student Signature: Email:
I voluntarily consent to the use of an electronic record of my LFCC student file. I acknowledge that, by logging into the MYLFCC system with my unique credentials and e-
mailing from my account to provide LFCC with this data, I have given my electronic signature which has the same legal and binding effect as a "wet" or
handwritten signature.
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