VA Health Chat
Connect with the VISN 8
Clinical Conta
ct Center using
the V
ealth Chat App
Receive care from VA without stepping foot into a
clinic or hospital. The VA Health Chat app provides
easy, online access to chat with VISN 8 Clinical
Contact Center staff when you have a health
concern or other questions. The center provides
virtual urgent care services to Veterans enrolled
for VA health care in Florida, South Georgia,
Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Chat hours
are 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m., Monday - Friday with the
exception of Federal holidays.
Use VA Health Chat for immediate
answers when:
You have any medical concern that is not
an emergency or feel unsure about going
to a clinic.
ou have questions about your
You need medical advice for a minor injury
or illness.
VA Health Chat team can also
help you:
Find your closest VA facility
Refill a VA prescription
Send a non-urgent message
to your health care team
And much more!
Download VA Health Chat on the VA App Store, the Apple
App Store, or the Google Play Store. The app is also
available through the VA Launchpad app.
VISN 8 Clinical Contact Center Staff are available 24/7.
If you are unable to connect to the center using VA Health
Chat, please call 1-877-741-3400 for immediate support.
Learn more about VA Health Chat and view the list of
participating locations at mobi
VA Sunshine Healthcare Network (VISN 8)
Clinical Contact Center
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