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“PRIORITY” means Priority Submetering Solutions Inc. PRIORITY has entered a Utility Reading, Sub-Metering and Billing
Services Agreement with the owner of the building where the Unit is located. “Customer” or “You” means the person(s)
identified above who is receiving the submetering services described in this Agreement from PRIORITY. This Agreement
is eective upon execution by the Customer and receipt and acceptance by PRIORITY (which acceptance may be evi-
denced by the commencement of services to the Customer).
Priority Submetering Solutions Inc. (PRIORITY) Terms and Conditions
Priority Submetering Solutions Inc.
21 Simcoe St. S.
, ON, L1H 4G1
Phone: 1-866-836-3837
1. The Customer authorizes PRIORITY to collect and use, credit,
financial and related personal information about the Customer
. Other
than to PRIORITY’s authorized service providers and parties that will
provide PRIORITY with credit information, PRIORITY will not knowingly
share this information with third parties without the Cus-tomer’s
permission, other than a party to whom PRIORITY transfers, assigns,
encumbers this Agreement. PRIORITY may inquire about the
Customer’s credit history and, if necessary, use the personal informa-
tion the Customer has provided to PRIORITY to do so. The Customer
acknowledges that it is accepting PRIORITY’s Privacy Policy and is
bound by PRIORITY’s Conditions of Service, both which can be found
on PRIORITY’s website at
2. The Customer agrees to pay all amounts for the supply of
utilities and for submetering services to the Unit and any related fees
and charges for metering, billing, administration and other matters, as
described in PRIORITY’s Conditions of Service document and/
or in PRIORITY’s Utility Reading, Sub-Metering and Billing Services
Agreement with the owner of the building. These amounts may change
from time to time. All bills are due on the date indicated. If your account
remains unpaid after the due date indicated, an administrative fee will
be charged. If accounts continue to remain in arrears, further
administrative penalties will be charged.
3. The amounts charged by PRIORITY for submetering, billing
and related services are as set out in its Conditions of Service and/or
PRIORITY’s Utility Reading, Sub-Metering and Billing Services Agree-
ment with the owner of the building, and these amounts may change
from time to time.
4. The Customer will be subject to PRIORITY’s Security Deposit
policy, and PRIORITY’s policies related to late payments, which
includes PRIORITY’s disconnection rights. These policies are set out in
PRIORITY’s Conditions of Service. In connection with those policies, the
Customer understands that PRIORITY reserves the right to disconnect
service for non-payment of an account, among other remedies
available to PRIORITY. If applicable, the Customer will be responsible
for all charges relating to disconnection and reconnection of electrical
service. In the event that the Customer is disconnected for non-
payment, PRIORITY shall not be liable to the Customer for any claims
relating to the disconnection of services, including but not lim-ited to
claims related to damage on the Customer’s premises resulting from
the disconnection of service. The Customer waives all claims for any
inconvenience, loss or damage that may be caused by PRIORITY
disconnecting electrical service for any reason.
5. All accounts with PRIORITY for a unit within a building must
be originally set up in the unit owner’s name. Should a unit owner wish
to lease/rent the unit, PRIORITY will, upon the unit owner’s request,
issue a final bill to the unit owner and add the tenant’s name to the
account. In that circumstance, the tenant will be required to sign a
Utility Suite Metering Customer Agreement with PRIORITY in the same
form as the unit owner has signed. An account setup fee will be billed
upon original setup of the account and when setting up a new tenant
account or new unit owner/ landlord account. The unit owner/landlord’s
name will not appear under the tenant’s account and the unit owner/
landlord will not be held responsible for any unpaid balances under
the tenant’s account. The unit owner name must always remain on the
original account for the unit, until a new unit owner is established. You
acknowledge and agree that if you are the unit owner and there is no
new tenant as of the lease end date specified in the Move-Out Form,
or if no Utility Suite Metering Customer Agreement is signed by the
new tenant, then on the lease end date the account will revert back to
the unit owner’s name and the unit owner will be responsible for the
6. A Customer who wishes to cancel their account with PRI-
ORITY must provide PRIORITY with a fully-executed Move-Out Form.
The Move-Out Form must be provided five (5) days before the date of
closing, or lease end date. The Customer must notify PRIORITY five (5)
business days before closing or lease end date in order for PRIORITY
to arrange for a final meter reading and the transfer of the account to a
new unit owner or tenant. The Customer is responsible for payment of
its final account, including any arrears.
7. The Customer acknowledges that they have notified PRIORI-
TY in writing of any person or persons requiring uninterrupted electrici-
ty for the purposes of life support, lifesaving and/or medical purposes,
if applicable.
8. PRIORITY will not be responsible to any Customer or any
other party for any claims, loss or damage resulting from any disrup-
tion in the supply of utility, or variation in voltage, pressure, quality or
9. Neither PRIORITY nor any Customer will be in default of their
obligations to the other party during any period where performance of
such obligations is prevented by conditions beyond the control of the
party (force majeure).
10. The Customer agrees, represents and warrants that the
terms and conditions of this Agreement are binding upon the Custom-
er’s administrators, executors, heirs, successors and assigns. This
Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with
the laws of the Province of Ontario and the laws of Canada applicable
therein. This Agreement sets forth the entire agreement between the
parties relating to the subject matter contained herein and may not
be modified or amended except by agreement in writing between the
11. Should PRIORITY discover at any point that the Sub-Me-
ter System or any part thereof is reading incorrectly for any reason
whatsoever, PRIORITY retains the right to bill any Recipient an adjusted
amount based on PRIORITY’s best estimate of the utility consumed for
the period in question.
12. Failure to provide the necessary information requested on
this form may result in a Disconnection Notice being sent to the Unit.
If this form is not filled out completely within the time frame stated on
the disconnect form, power to the Unit will be disconnected until the
completed form has been sent to PRIORITY.
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