Updates in Special Education
for Families
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Beginning with the 2017 school year, the Texas Education
Agency (TEA) changed the way it reports special education
enrollment in school systems. TEA no longer includes a target
for a school system’s total numbers of students in special
education as part of state monitoring.
For special education representation, TEA only reports on over-
representation within certain race, ethnicity and disability categories, as
required by federal law. School systems cannot use this reporting data
to delay, deny or prevent a referral for an evaluation for special
education services.
Special education/IDEA eligibility:
The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, also known as IDEA, is
a federal law that gives eligible students with disabilities the right to
receive special education services and assistance in school. To be
eligible for special education services, a student with a disability
must need instruction that is specially designed to meet the
student’s unique needs based on that disability.
Contact Person:
Phone Number:
To begin the special
education process for
your child:
A parent or guardian has the right to request a special
education evaluation at any time. It is best to submit this
request in writing to your school’s principal or to the school
district’s special education director. If your child is pre-school
age and not yet enrolled in school, send the letter to the
district’s special education director.
If the school knows or has reason to suspect that the
student has a disability and a need for special education
services, the school must refer the student for a special
education evaluation.
More information on evaluation timelines can be found at:
Who can request an evaluation for
special education?
Contact Person for
Special Education
Parents or Guardians:
A parent or guardian has the right to request a
special education evaluation at any time.
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