Fall 2018-Spring 2019
Research Event Award Application (Faculty)
Purpose: Supports faculty or student research events hosted by LU schools/colleges for internal and/or
external participants. These funds resource speaker honorariums, hosting travel, supplies, food
services, advertising, printing, and monetary awards related to the execution of an effective research
“Research” refers to inquiry that harnesses knowledge, skills, and values to produce new knowledge or
to make a new contribution to the discipline, and it is recognized that this concept varies across the
humanities, the creative arts, and the sciences disciplines.
licant’s LUID:
Applicant’s Budget Manager:
Budget Index Code:
Full Description of the Proposed Research Event: In narrative form and not exceeding one (1)
single-spaced page or two (2) double-spaced pages with type no smaller than 11 pt., please
describe your event. Include the following and submit as a separate attachment to this form:
(a) The connection of the event to research and scholarship.
(b) How the event will contribute to research mentorship/instruction.
(c) How the event will enhance faculty (please specify graduate, undergraduate, or both) in
pedagogical practices related to research and scholarship or research knowledge in a particular
subject area, if applicable.
(d) How the event will celebrate student success in research and scholarship, if applicable.
(e) Articulate how the event will assist faculty and/or students in conducting research that
enhances students’ competitive advantage in pursuing career opportunities, advances the
university's reputation, impacts society, and applies to the industry.
(f) How the event will enhance student learning with regard to research and scholarship, if
ote: Please specifically address undergraduate students if applying for research event funds
resourced by Liberty’s QEP.
Research Event Logistics:
Dates of the event:
Facilities that will be utilized:
Applicant’s Name:
Applicant’s School:
Applicant’s Dean:
Type of Award:
Brief Description
of Research Event:
LU Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP)
Fall 2018-Spring 2019
Estimated number of faculty and/or students that will directly benefit/participate in the event:
Implementation timeline:
Note: The itemized budget needs to include details of all requested funds (e.g., speaker honorariums,
hosting travel, supplies, food services, advertising, printing, monetary awards, etc.). Additionally, you
must list and divide the total requested amount among each FOAPAL that you are planning to use for
the research expenditures. You should use a program code of 20.
Total amount requested:
Itemized budget:
Will you accept partial funding?
Additional Documents Required:
Please attach the following additional documents to this application.
1) LU Stages
approval of external speaker, if applicable
Fall 2018-Spring 2019
Applicant’s Statement of Agreement:
I have reviewed this application and confirm that this event and requested funds conform to all
university non-fiscal and fiscal policies and procedures.
I agree to expend any funds granted only for the research event identified on this application and in
accordance with proposed budget. I agree to return unexpended funds to CRS.
Within two weeks of the completion of this event, I will provide the actual expense amounts along
with original receipts to my budget manger.
I agree to submit a brief summary of this event within three weeks of this event. I will include up to
three high-resolution images illustrating this event to accompany this report. These images will
become the property of the university and will include an image of myself (i.e., a selfie) at the event.
These images may appear in other media, and credit will be given to the author if used. The
university reserves the right to edit any summary statements, and usage of submission is not
Applicant Signature: Date:
Budget Manager Signature:
Dean Signature: Date:
Thank you for submitting an application for a Research Event Award. Within three weeks of the
submission of your application and all requested documentation, the Center for Research & Scholarship
will contact you regarding the acceptance of your application. Please contact the Center for Research
& Scholarship at crs@liberty.edu
or (434) 592-5939 with any questions or concerns.
Note: Each application will be assessed by faculty reviewers using a rubric based on the evaluation
criteria defined in the application guidelines.
Center for Research & Scholarship: Award Approved or Disapproved
Approved for amount of funding
CRS Signature: Date:
Provost: Date:
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