Unpaid Appointments - Form
Please attach the individual’s CV, resume, and/or application.
Title/Type of Unpaid Appointment (check one below)
Research Professor (must hold terminal degree in field)
Research Associate (must have at least a bachelor’s degree)
Research Assistant (must have at least a high school degree or equivalent)
Research Jr. Assistant (must be currently enrolled in high school, or equivalent)
Volunteer Lab Assistant please provide department:
Volunteer Coach please provide sport:
Other please provide position title:
Purpose of Unpaid Appointment (check all that apply)
To provide volunteer services to the College
To primarily benefit the individual
To use the College’s facilities as a guest to broaden body of knowledge/personal research in a certain subject
Contact with Children or Students: Please indicate whether this individual will be in a position that involves
regular and unsupervised contact with children, students, or summer program participants.
Yes No
Name of Individual:
Union College Supervisor:
Mailing Address:
Department or Program:
Effective Dates (all appointments typically end no later than June 30
Legally Eligible for Employment in the United States: Please indicate whether this individual is currently
legally eligible to work in the U.S. or whether application for a visa may be required. Yes No
The following questions assist in correctly defining the individual’s relationship with Union College. Please
attach additional pages if more space is needed.
1. What is the purpose of this individual’s relationship with Union College?
2. What tasks and/or responsibilities will the individual be allowed to perform?
Unpaid Appointments - Form
3. Are any of the tasks or responsibilities defined in question #2 performed by current employees of
Union College? Do any of the tasks or responsibilities defined in question #2 replace or augment any
tasks or responsibilities performed by current employees at Union College?
4. Are any of the tasks or responsibilities defined in question #2 those typically reserved for guests,
volunteers, or interns?
5. Explain the level of guidance and/or training, if any, that will be provided to the individual to
complete the tasks or responsibilities.
6. Explain when the individual will complete the tasks or responsibilities. For example, are the hours
established by Union College or will the individual establish his/her own hours?
7. Does the individual have full-time or part-time employment at another institution or organization? If
so, please provide the name and location of the other institution or organization.
8. Will the individual be compensated, by Union College or other organizations, in any way, for the tasks
or responsibilities defined in question #2? If so, please identify the name of the institution or
organization that will compensate the individual.
9. Do you have any intention of hiring this individual into a Union College position?
10. Will the individual be involved with any research that will have intellectual property produced,
analyzed or confirmed? If so, please explain.
11. Will the position provide training to the individual that is similar to that received in an educational
environment? If so, please note the type of training.
Yes No Not applicable
Unpaid Appointments - Form
Yes No
Yes No
Yes No
12. Is the position connected to a formal education program or receipt of academic credit? If so, please
provide the name of the program or college/university.
Not applicable
13. Does the position correspond with the academic calendar, accommodating the individual’s school
Not applicable
14. Is the duration of the position limited to the period in which the individual is provided with beneficial
Not applicable
Please check all resources required and explain as necessary:
Space/Facilities Resources Technology Resources
Office indicate building/room needed:
Laboratory or Studio Space indicate building/
room needed:
Hazardous Waste Removal:
Use of departmental services
Schaffer Library account/privileges
Union ID permitting access to:
Other please specify:
Network Access (on-campus)
Network Access (off-campus / VPN)
Email Account
Telephone Connection
Access to Faculty Computing Resource Center
Learning Environments privileges (e.g. Media
Services, classroom technology
Other please specify:
Unpaid Appointments - Form
Approvals (please obtain signatures in the order presented below)
Printed Name Signature Date
Dept Chair /Prog Director __________________________________________________________________
Dean of Academic Depts _________________________________________________________________
VP of Academic Affairs ____________________________________________________________________
Human Resources _________________________________________________________________________
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Printed Name Signature Date
Department Head _________________________________________________________________________
Appropriate Vice President _________________________________________________________________
Human Resources _________________________________________________________________________
Unpaid Appointments Form October 10, 2015