In its educational policies, programs, and procedures, the University provides equal opportunity for all its students without regard to race, color, religion, sex, age,
disability, or national or ethnic origin.
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Statement of Goals: Master of Education
Applicant Name (First and Last Name): ___________________________________________________________________________
Applicant Email: _____________________________________________________________________________________________
Directions: Complete the following prompts and return to the Graduate School either via email as a saved .pdf attachment to or as a printed document via mail to the address listed above in the right hand corner. Please be sure this
completed form is included in your email or mail. For any program specific questions, please contact Anne Rasmussen via email at or by phone at 503.943.8257.
1. What is your reason for seeking the Master of Education degree and how does the program complement your current and
future professional goals?
2. Briefly reflect on the following questions:
a. What are your personal strengths?
b. What personal and professional aspects of yourself would you like to improve?
c. What other extra-duty assignments and outside activities may compete for your time and attention with the Master of
Education degree program? Have you discussed the implications of enrollment in this program with important persons
in your life? Are they supportive of your aspirations?
3. Write a brief description of your perceptions of the key issues facing professionals in your discipline, specifically identifying
a particular challenge you would like to explore in depth as part of your education degree experience.