Doctor of Education Recommendation Form
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Complete the following prompts and, along with your letter of recommendation, return the completed documents one of the following ways:
1) email as a saved .pdf to, 2) mail a printed document to the address above, or 3) upload your document via SENDedu. All
recommendation letters must be signed and submitted by the recommender to be considered valid.
Knowledge of the Candidate
Approximately how long have you known the candidate? years
How well do you know the candidate? Casually □ Well □ Very Well
What was the nature of your contact with the candidate? (Check all that apply.)
□ Major Advisor □ Research Advisor □ Employer/Supervisor □ Colleague
□ Supervisee □ Teacher in one class □ Teacher in more than one class □ Other (specify)
As you complete the following rating scales, indicate which groups you are using as a point of comparison for the candidate:
□ Undergraduates from your institution who have pursued graduate study
□ Current graduate students at your institution
□ Other teachers with whom I have worked
□ Other administrators with whom I have worked
□ Other
Please rate the applicant in the following areas: *Click the boxes below for a checkmark to appear.
Letter of Recommendation: Please email, mail or upload a letter of recommendation that discusses the applicant’s qualications and
potential to complete a doctoral program, as well as the candidate’s promise of professional success. Wherever possible, please provide
specic examples in your letter.
Summary rating: □ Excellent □ Above Average □ Average □ Below Average Poor
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In its educational policies, programs, and procedures, the University provides equal opportunity for all its students without regard to race,
color, religion, sex, age, disability, or national or ethnic origin.
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(highest 1-2 %)
(highest 5%)
Very Good
(highest 10%)
(upper 25%)
(upper 50%)
Below Average
(lower 50%)
No Basis to
Recognizes the value and worth of others
Communicates in a supportive manner of self and others
Demonstrates a belief that all students can learn
Demonstrates doctoral-level written communication skills
Demonstrates doctoral-level oral communication skills
Demonstrates ability to analyze a problem
Demonstrates ability to formulate a solution
Demonstrates competency in candidate’s profession
Overall potential for success in a doctoral program