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Application current September 2019
University of Minnesota Crookston
Certification of Finances Form
International Admissions, Suite A Owen Hall
2900 University Ave. Crookston, MN 56716 USA
The United States Department of Homeland Security requires each educational institution to obtain evidence of the financial support
from each student prior to issuing a Form I-20 or DS-2019 (as well as academic and language proficiency requirements).
You are
responsible for demonstrating that you have sufficient funds to meet all educational and personal expenses for the duration of your F-1
Please complete the form below and attach a letter or statement from a
bank official certifying deposits.
You must certify that you have at least the amount necessary to cover your tuition, fees, and living expenses the duration of your first
year of study.
Complete this form carefully to avoid lengthy delays that may affect your academic plans. Applications that include forms that are not
complete or that do not show adequate financial resources will be denied.
No application will be considered complete unless
accompanied by proper certification including documentation of available funds.
Request 2 copies, one for the application and one for the visa application process.
2019-20 Expenses
UMC Estimated costs
Undergraduate tuition
and fees
$ 12,871
Room and board
$ 8,228
Health Insurance
$ 2,340
$ 1,000
Personal Expenses
$ 1,740
$ 26,179
List the amount in U.S. dollars that is available from each of your financial resources
Personal Funds
Family funds from Abroad.
List name and relationship to you:
Scholarship, grant or loan
List name and address of source:
Funds from another source
Specify type, source, address:
Total (Add lines above)
This amount should equal or exceed the total expenses
I certify that the total amount of money (excluding travel funds) available to me during my first year in the United States is
$________________. Further, I certify that the above information is correct and complete. I understand that any
misrepresentation of facts on this financial statement could cause my application to be denied or be cause for dismissal
from the university. I take full financial responsibility for all of my educational and personal expenses. I understand that
University of Minnesota, Crookston accepts no responsibility for my financial needs.
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APPLICANT NAME (Please print):________________________________________________________
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