University of Hawai`i
All students accepted or enrolled in the University of Hawai`i system have a home institution. The home institution should be the school from which
you are seeking a degree, and it is where you may apply for financial aid or Veterans Administration benefits. To change your home institution:
Complete this form and submit it to the Admissions/Records Office of the institution you want to designate as your new home. Further admissions
requirements may apply, depending on your intended major at the new home institution. Please check with the new home institution.
Do NOT use this form to apply to UH Manoa, UH Hilo, and UH West Oahu.
Deadline to submit this Form: April 1
for Summer or Fall Terms; November 1
for the Spring Term.
(Earlier deadlines may apply to restricted admission majors. Please check with the new home institution.)
Name: _______________________________________________________ UH Number: ______________________
Last First M.I.
UH email address: Daytime Phone: ______________________
Current mailing address: __________________________________________________________________________
EFFECTIVE TERM: Fall 20____ Spring 20____ Summer 20____
Hawai`i CC Kapi`olani CC Leeward CC UH-Maui College UH-West Oahu
Honolulu CC Kaua`i CC Windward CC UH-Hilo UH-Manoa
NEW HOME INSTITUTION (choose only one):
Changing your home institution may affect your graduation requirements. See your Academic Counselor for more information.
Hawai`i CC Kapi`olani CC Leeward CC Windward CC
Honolulu CC Honolulu CC Off-Campus Site Kaua`i CC UH-Maui College
MAJOR (first choice) ______________________ CERT/DEGREE (e.g. AA, AS, AAS, CA) ____________
MAJOR (second choice) ___________________ CERT/DEGREE (e.g. AA, AS, AAS, CA) ____________
Are you currently on an F-1 or M-1 Student Visa Status?
Yes. Instructions: You are not allowed to change your home institution using this form. Contact the Admissions Office or your international
student advisor at your current home institution for details.
Have you applied for or are you receiving Financial Aid at your current home institution?
Applied Only/Not Awarded Yes, Receiving Aid
Instructions: Financial Aid is not transferable between institutions. You will need to contact the Financial Aid Office at your new home institution for
instructions. NOTE: You cannot change your home institution if financial aid has already been disbursed for the semester of the change.
Have you applied for or are you receiving Veteran’s Benefits?
Yes. Instructions: Contact the VA advisor at the new home institution for instructions on how to transfer your benefits to your new school.
Student’s Signature ___________________________________________ Date _________________________
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Financial Aid Clearance _____ Yes ______ No Approved by: _______________________________
VA Benefits Clearance _____ Yes ______ No Approved by: _______________________________
Date additional Admissions docs requested: ______________ Banner ID __________________________
Requested: _______________________________________ Received: __________________________
SOAHOLD updated? ________ Effective Term: ____________________ Residency: ______________
Approved by: ______________ Secondary Curriculum updated? ______ Student Notified: _________
Orig. Dec 2003, Rev. April 2013 (KAP)
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