Revised Sept 2018
This form is required for all vacancies and is used to facilitate the appropriate approvals before a position is posted.
Please contact if your position has not been reviewed in the past five (5) years or has changed
since it was last posted or evaluated.
Retirement, Resignation or Termination
Authorized Leave of Absence*
Position Title:
Position # (if applicable):
Employee Group:
Department #:
Salary Band:
Regular Full-time
Temporary Full-time*
End Date:
Start Date:
Start Date:
End Date:
If this is a Temporary Full-time position, please complete one of the two fields below:
There are are no changes to the Job Fact Sheet since it was last posted
or evaluated (if you are unsure, contact
Reason for Vacancy:
Examples: parental leave, personal leave of absence, salary deferral, educational leave, long term
disability, short term disability or sick leave, etcetra.
Covering position #:
Project or Program Name:
Position Information:
Name of previous incumbent:
If applicable, list the exiting employee’s last day with pay (MM/DD/YYYY):
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Section 1 – Position Information
Qualifying Information (check one):
8-9-10 Month Continuing (Full-time)
Changes have been made to the Job Fact Sheet (which are highlighted or marked with
track changes)
Revised Sept 2018
Target Posting Date (MM/DD/YYYY):
Will external advertising be required? All positions will be posted on the UofG webpage
YES (a member of HR will be in contact to discuss options and costs)
Section 2 - Rationale
Please rationalize your position. Why should this position be filled and what are the consequences if this
position does not get filled?
Is there any additional information that supports the request to fill this position?
Competition Information:
Hiring Manager:
Department Contact*:
Note: If more space is required, please attach a separate typed page.
Posting Length (if P&M): 1 week 2 weeks
Receives all correspondence and updates related to this competition including the application package.
Revised Sept 2018
Where possible, please use an electronic signature.
Name of Approver
Associate Vice President Research (For OMAFRA funding only):
Signature: _______________________________ Date: _________________________
Please submit this form with all other required documentation to:
Where applicable, first consideration of all vacancies will go to redeployment candidates and employees
requiring accommodation.
Section 3 - Budget and Funding
Fund Unit Grant Project Object Distribution %
Account 1:
Account 2:
Title of Grant/Trust Fund(s): _________________________________________________________________
If Grant/Trust: Confirm that a partnership agreement or funding letter is attached to package.
How is this position being funded? (For positions 24 months or greater only)
Check if same as previous incumbent If not, please specify:
Coding for budget journal entry (required for NEW roles or if salary is expected to be higher than previous incumbent):
Fund Unit Grant Project Object
Check this box if this job is wholly or partially funded through the OMAFRA and University of Guelph
For all new established positions and all contractual appointments, please provide the payroll
distribution coding.
Section 4 – Required Approvals (An approver must be either an Associate Vice President, Dean or designate.
Signing Directors or Chairs must have budget accountability. By signing, the approver also authorizes any
tracked changes to the Job Fact Sheet submitted with this form.)
Position Title:
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