Office of the Registrar, College Hall 102
Undergraduate Special Studies Application
This form should be typed, handwritten forms are not accepted, and submitted to the Registrar’s Office by the fifth day of classes in
the semester. Course information can be copy and pasted into sections below.
Name: ID#: 99 Class Year:
Major(s): Minor or Concentration:
Instructor (print): _______________________ Signature: ___________________________ Date: _________
Email approvals are accepted when submitted together with the completed form
1. A
pproval: Special studies courses must be approved by the instructor before going to the Committee on Student Honors an
Independent Projects (SHIP) for review and approval. Until SHIP approval is received, students should remain registered and active in
a full course load.
2. Credit hours and time commitment: Special studies can be taken for 1, 2, 3, or 4 credits. The total amount of time a student
should spend on activities directly involved in the course, including meeting with the instructor, is determined by the federal definition
of credit hour: 1 credit hour represents 3 hours per week of academically engaged time for the entire semester (i.e., 12 hours per week
for a 4-credit course, as per the Smith Faculty Code
Five College: Smith Students registering for a special studies at one of the Five Colleges must obtain the signature of the instructor
at the host school and must also complete any required forms at the host school.
4. Deadline: The completed Special Studies application, with instructor signature, is due to the Registrar’s Office by the end of the
first week of classes (fifth day of classes). The Registrar’s Office will provide application to SHIP for review.
Course Information
Term: Fall Spring Academic Year:
Undergraduate Level: 400404408D (year-long—certain departments only [check catalog])
Five College Course Number:
Project Title (maximum of 24 characters, due to transcript display):
Credits: 1.00 2.00 3.00 4.00 5.00 (BCH, BIO, NSC only)
Is this an individual or group special studies? Individual Group If group, how many students?
Does this course count toward the following? Major Minor Concentration Certificate
Complete Proposal on Next Page
SHIP review date:_______________________ Approved Not Approved Initials:___________
Registrar’s Office use only: Course___________________ CRN_______________ Registered________
Student Name: Special Studies Application
nt: Please complete section 1 below. Arrange a meeting with the instructor to complete sections 2 and 3.
The forms should be typed rather than handwritten. You may also attach a syllabus or other documentation to this
form instead of using the text boxes.
Instructor: Please review course information for accuracy.
1. Description of proposed special studies:
(Provide a one to two paragraph description of the proposed study.)
2. Readings and Source Materials:
(Identify the initial set of materials.)
3. Nature of Final Project(s) to be Evaluated/Graded:
(Bibliography and/or paper and/or creative work and/or poster, etc.)