Undergraduate Research Award - Faculty Mentor Recommendation and Agreement
I. Faculty Mentor Recommendation
Faculty mentor’s name:
Faculty mentor’s Email:
Student’s Name:
1. What is the significance of the project to the advancement of the discipline?
2. How is the research connected to the mission of the university?
3. What are the learning outcomes of this mentored research experience?
4. How often do you plan to meet with the student regarding the research experience?
5. Additional comments:
II. Faculty Mentor Agreement
I understand the objective of the Undergraduate Research Award at the University of the Incarnate Word
is to encourage, support and assist undergraduate students to engage in meaningful scholarly research,
scientific inquiry, inventive technology, or artistic/creative activity.
I hereby commit to the mentor expectations listed below. At the fulfillment of these responsibilities, the
Office of Research and Graduate Studies will process a mentor stipend in the amount of $600, including
Summary of mentor responsibilities:
1. Assist the student with the design of his/her research proposal
2. Guide the student’s research
3. Assist the student in preparing a final research paper or presentation in a format suitable for
publication and/or presentation in the discipline
4. Assist the student with the purchasing process and coordinating with the ORGS to access funds
and complete the appropriate paperwork required
5. Assist with identifying conferences and/or other professional meetings that the student can
attend to present the results of the funded project
6. Complete an end of award evaluation
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