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Under 18 Accommodation and
Welfare Application Form
Application ID:______
If you turn 18 before you arrive in Australia
You do not need to have welfare arrangements in place, if you:
complete sections 1 - 3 of this form
have your parent or legal custodian sign the form
return this completed form with your acceptance of offer
Personal details of nominating student
Please review the details below and supply any missing information. If any of the pre-filled details are
incorrect, please cross them out and write the correct details.
Date of birth:
Parent / Legal guardian details
Family name (as per passport):
Given name(s):
Date of birth (dd/mm/yyyy):
(father/mother/legal guardian):
Phone number:
Email address:
Postal address: _____________________________
Residential address (if different from postal):
How well does your parent or legal guardian speak English? (Please tick)
Not at all
Simple conversations
Complex conversations
at language(s) do they speak well? _________________________________________
If your parent / legal guardian has limited English skills or access to technology, please provide a
completed copy of the Student Authority to Act form for an alternative contact person.
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Turning 18 prior to arrival
Will you turn 18 years old before arriving in Australia?
No -
Move on to section 4
Yes - Student and Parent/Guardians to sign declaration below, then move on to
section 9
I/We declare that ________________ will not arrive in Australia until after they have turned 18 years
of age. Note: Both parents and/or legal custodians must sign this declaration.
Parent/legal guardian signature: ____________________________________
Family Name: ___________________________________________________
Given names: ___________________________________________________
Date: __ / __ / ____
Parent/legal guardian signature: ____________________________________
Family name: ___________________________________________________
Given names: ___________________________________________________
Date: __ / __ / ____
Student signature: _______________________________________________
Date: __ / __ / ____
Welfare Arrangement Details
(To be completed by parents/legal guardian)
Please select a welfare arrangement from the list below and complete the corresponding section of the
Option A: Student living with approved relative (complete Section 5)
Option B: Student applying for USQ welfare arrangement (complete section 6)
Option A: Student living with approved relative
The student will live in Australia with a parent/relative as detailed below and approved by the
Department of Home Affairs.
Relative Details:
Family name (as per passport):
Given name(s):
(father/mother/legal guardian/other relative) ___________________________________
Date of birth (dd/mm/yyyy):
Phone number:
Email address:
Please attach proof of relationship or a statutory declaration confirming the relationship between
student and legal guardian.
Please note that the parent/legal guardian or approved relative must have an appropriate visa to
remain in Australia while the student is under 18 and must satisfy Department of Home Affairs
requirements related to your accommodation and welfare arrangements as part of your application for
student visa.
Parent/legal guardian signature: ____________________________________
Date: __ / __ / ____
Student signature: _______________________________________________
Date: __ / __ / ____
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Option B: Student applying for USQ welfare
The student will live in Australia without a Legal Guardian or relative and is applying for USQ
Accommodation and welfare Program Approval.
This section must be completed where an International student under the age of 18 wishes to study on-
campus in Australia but will not be living with an approved parent'/legal guardian or relative and
for the University to provide welfare arrangements for the student as outlined in the Under 18
International Students Policy.
Please note the USQ Accommodation and Welfare Program is only
available to USQ students who wish to study on-campus in Toowoomba and who reside in the
USQ McGregor Residential College, Toowoomba.
If you selected USQ to take responsibility for the Student's welfare arrangements, you will be required to
complete an online application
to arrange and confirm your accommodation at the USQ McGregor
Residential Colleges.
Has an online application for accommodation at the USQ McGregor Residential College been
Yes Date Submitted: ___/___/_____
Terms and Conditions
Visa requirements
The Department of Home Affairs (DHA) requires all international students who will be under 18 years of
age when entering Australia on a student visa, to have appropriate accommodation, support and welfare
arrangements in place. When you apply for a student visa, you will need to provide evidence
that you
will be living with a parent, legal custodian or relative, or that the University has approved your
care arrangements.
Welfare arrangements
International students under 18 years of age can meet DHA's visa requirements in a number of ways,
including living with a parent or legal guardian, and living with a relative approved by DHA.
Alternatively, students can enter care arrangements approved by USQ. Students wishing to use the
Under 18 Welfare Program must complete the relevant section of this form.
If USQ accepts responsibility for your care arrangements, you will receive a Confirmation of
Appropriate Accommodaion and welfare (CAAW) together with your Confirmation of Enrolment (COE)
for the purpose of applying for a student visa.
Visa conditions
Students who have not turned 18 are subject to visa conditions that require them to maintain
adequate welfare accommodation arrangements. If the University has accepted responsibility for your
welfare arrangements, you must not change these arrangements until you have sought written
approval from the University. Approval to change arrangements will only be granted in line with the
University's Under 18 International Student Policy and U18 International Student Care Framework. You
not travel to Australia before the day that your welfare arrangements will commence.
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Declaration by the student and parent or legal guardian:
We declare that we have read and understood the contents of this form and the USQ Under 18
International Students Policy and that the information we have provided is true and correct in every
We acknowledge and agree that the University reserves the right to reverse or vary any decision
made on the basis of incomplete or false information provided.
We acknowledge that all documents accompanying this form become the property of the University.
We acknowledge and agree that the University may contact the Student's parent or legal guardian to
discuss matters relating to the Student's health, safety, welfare or accommodation if the University
reasonably believes this to be necessary at any time while the Student is under 18 years of age.
Further, the Student's parent or legal guardian may apply to access and amend the Student's personal
information, including information relating to their education, while the Student is under 18 years of
I/We agree to comply with the Under 18 International Student Policy requirements (as amended
from time to time). I acknowledge and agree that student attendance in accordance with the program
requirements is compulsory and that if the Student fails to comply with the program attendance an
ogression requirements the University may notify the Department of Home affairs (DHA) that it no longer
approves the Student's accommodation, support and welfare arrangements. I understand that
this may
have serious consequences for the Student's Visa.
We have assessed the proposed accommodation arrangements for the Student and hereby approve
the arrangements as satisfactory for the Student's needs. I acknowledge and agree that the University
relies on this representation and that the Student will not change accommodation, support and welfare
arrangements at any time while they are under 18 years of age without the prior written approval of
the University.
I/We acknowledge and consent that where the Student is sponsored, USQ may disclose personal
information concerning or relating to the Student's enrolment and education to the sponsor.
I/We acknowledge and agree that the Student will be required to confirm daily attendance at a
minimum of one scheduled breakfast/dinner or by checking in with the Residential Advisor in person.
I/We acknowledge and agree that the Student will be required to provide evidence of written
approval from their parent or legal custodian for any overnight excursions and travel to the Manager
(Residential Life) at least 3 days prior to the excursion or travel taking place.
I/We acknowledge and agree that the Student will register for and use the free transport service
provided by USQ to arriving International Students for transport from the airport to the University.
I/We give consent for the University of Southern Queensland to provide Internet Access to the
Student for their studies, research or other educational activities. I understand that in doing so the
Student will have unrestricted access to the Internet provided through facilities and services offered by
USQ and that use of these will be in accordance with USQ's ICT policies.
Parent/legal guardian signature: ______________________________
Date: __ / __ / ____
Student signature: _________________________________________
Date: __ / __ / ____
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USQ collects personal information for University purposes of providing tertiary education and related
ancillary services and associated functional pursuant to the University of Southern Queensland Act 1998
and the information on this form for the purposes of assessing your (the Student's) application
and if
applicable, processing your enrolment. USQ collects this information in accordance with the
Commonwealth Higher Education Funding Act 1988, Higher Education Support Act 2003, the Education
Services for Overseas Students Act 2000 (ESOS Act), ESOS Regulations 2001 and the National Code of
Practice for Providers of education and Training to Overseas Students 2018. Where relevant, USQ may
give all or some of this information to other education providers to administer cross institution
enrolments; Commonwealth and state government departments, agencies or their authorised agents or
contracted service providers and to USQ approved Representatives (agents and partners) and to other
organisations (including international entities) who provide sponsorship or funding for your studies to
seek verification of information or provide information regarding your studies (and visa and
student health cover if applicable) or to enable surveys concerning your education to be
undertaken, and other students enrolled in the same courses as you or as may be required by a
Faculty to facilitate USQ's provision of tertiary education services to you and other students including
the future. Other than as set out above, personal information will not be disclosed without your
consent unless required or authorised by law. Please refer to USQ's Privacy Policy and USQ's Privacy
Plan. To facilitate USQ's provision of tertiary education and related ancillary services and associated
functions, you acknowledge and consent to the disclosures set out above and to the transfer of your
personal information outside of Australia and communication via any available electronic means. In
handling any personal information disclosed to you by the University, you agree to use this
information for purposes of your study at USQ only and to abide by USQ's ICT Information
Management and Security Policy and the ICT Standard for Use of ICT Resources Policy.
Lodging your form
Please complete this form and return it to USQ International Admissions along with the Student's
Acceptance of Offer to: