Three courses focusing on Autism are available to community professionals seeking to increase their knowledge base.
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AUT 660*CE AUT 660*30 Fall (list year)
AUT 661*CE AUT 661*30 Spring (list year )
AUT 662*CE AUT 662*30 Summer A (list year)
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Dr. Shanna Jamanis, Nazareth College ORTo obtain approval, Dr. Dawn Vogler-Elias -- --
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4245 East Ave., Rochester, NY 14618 4245 East Ave., Rochester, NY 14618
585-389-2770 • 585-389-2622 •
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Phone: (585) 389-2819 Fax: (585) 389-2612 Email:
Non-credit: 0 credit pass/fail option is available for ½ the
tuition rate. 2020-2021 rate is $1185 plus $25 registration fee.
**Tuition increase applied annually, effective Summer A.
Credit bearing: Students can earn 3 credits and receive a grade.
2020-2021 tuition is $2495 (includes all fees).
**Tuition increase applied annually, effective Summer A.
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