Special Collections
Deed of Gift
I hereby donate the collection described below to Special Collections at the University of
Tennessee at Chattanooga, as an unrestricted gift, and transfer to the University of Tennessee at
Chattanooga legal title, copyright, and literary property rights to the contents in as far as I hold
them, except for any limiting conditions specifically stated below.
I agree that any materials in the collection which are not to be retained by Special Collections
shall be disposed of by Special Collections as it sees fit or shall be returned to me or my
designee if so stated below.
I acknowledge that to the best of my knowledge I have ownership of the items indicated, and the
legal right to authorize this transaction.
Donor Information
First Name
Last Name
Description of Gift
Conditions or Restrictions
Revised August 2013
Copyright Interests
I represent and warrant that I hold the copyright in all or all some the donated materials.
Please indicate what portions of copyright you hold and the nature (sole/joint owners, heirs,
literary executors, trustees, etc.):
I do not hold copyright in any of the donated materials.
To the best of my knowledge, copyright is held by:
Signed by
Donor Signature Date
Accepted by
University Designee Date
Revised August 2013
Explanation of Deed of Gift
Deed of Gift is designed to assign legally to The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga
materials which you as a donor are conveying to the UTC Library Special Collections and
University Archives to be administered in accordance with its established policies. The Deed of
Gift form constitutes the transfer of title and serves to define the terms of transfer.
Additionally, the Dead of Gift allows Special Collections to dispose of materials not retained.
Often, this includes financial or health records or items with other confidential information such
as social security numbers. Materials not retained are often shredded to protect the donor. You
may request that materials not retained be returned to you in Conditions or Restrictions.
Donor Information
Records relating to an individual donor’s contribution to the Library are confidential. These
records will not be disclosed to others except with the consent of the donor, or as required by
Description of Gift
The “Description” portion of this section will be completed by a library representative. It will
describe the material being donated and date received. Additional documentation, including
collection inventories or box lists may be attached.
Conditions or Restrictions
Although placing restrictions on donated material is discouraged, the option of placing
reasonable restrictions on access to materials or a portion of the materials is available to a donor.
You may use this space to indicate limit the transfer of legal title, copyright, or literary property
rights or to request that materials not retained will be returned to you. The Head of Special
Collections and University Archives will be happy to discuss terms of restrictions with a donor.
Copyright Interests
Because assignment of copyright is often complex, the library works with the donor to clarify
questions of copyright control. Copyright in writings and original creations contained in a
donated collection is controlled by the individuals or organizations who created them unless the
copyright has been legally conveyed to the donor or other party.
If you, as donor, control the copyright in all or some of the materials being donated, please check
the first box in this section of the Deed of Gift and explain the extent of your copyright control.
If you, as donor, do not control copyright in any of the donated material, please check the second
box. If you have any information about the copyright holder, please supply as much of the
requested information as possible.
All Deeds of Gift must be signed and returned to Special Collections and University Archives.
Digital signatures will not be accepted. The Head of Special Collections will file the original and
provide you with a copy of your Deed of Gift.