3. Equipment Needs
o No equipment needs
o Please complete the Technical Needs Request Form online at
NOTICE: Technology needs are not guaranteed until you have met with the
Technical Director, 405-574-1264. We require a rehearsal on our equipment
in this space if you plan to play a DVD or CD.
USAO Ballroom
Facility Request Form
To reserve the USAO Ballroom in the Student Center, you must complete this form in its entirety. Your reservation is marked tentative until
the form is approved and fees are paid. See fees on page 2.
1. Basics
Today’s date ________________ Event date __________________ Event name _____________________________________________
Time event begins (as published or advertised) _________________ Time building should be open for set-up _______________________
Time building should be locked after event _____________________ Rehearsal Date & Time ____________________________________
o Security (Notice: USAO requires security at events where alcohol is served.) o Custodian Estimated number of guests _____________
o Outside event (not sponsored by USAO)
o USAO-sponsored event Account name ______________________________ Account number ____________________
5. Room Layout
To assist our staff in preparing for your event, please choose a room
layout that works best for your planned event. If none of these seem
right, please email fr@usao.edu.
Note: In the Ballroom, the powered projection screen is located on
the west wall. That is a limiting factor when setting up banquets and
2. Contact Info
Booking Rep (lling out this form) __________________________________________________ Phone ________________________________
Event-day Contact
(physically present at event) ________________________________________ Phone ________________________________
(who pays the bill?) _______________________________________________________ Phone ________________________________
Payee Address _____________________________________________________________________________________________________
City, State, Zip _______________________________________________________________ Email _________________________________
Signature _______________________________________________________________________________________________________
(By signing this, I agree to abide by all University regulations, as listed on page 2 of this form. I also assume responsibility for damage to University property.)
4. Food Service
o Yes, I need food service.
o No, I am not serving food or refreshments at my event.
Food service arrangements must be made directly with Campus Dining
Services. To help you plan your meeting or reception at USAO, a wide
variety of menus are available at usaodining.sodexomyway.com/catering.
Contact (405) 574s-1254 for more information regarding food services.
Facility ____________ Personnel ____________ Equipment ____________
Post to web calendar _________ Billing _________ Security Dep _________
o Approved
Facilities Mgmt _________________________________________________
revised 12.1.19
Banquet 1
(Ideal for standard, seated
banquets with waiter-served
meal, up to 280 guests. With
lectern, but no head table or
Theater 1
(Ideal for lectures and other
meetings without food, up to
400 guests. Lectern on north
Theater 2
(Ideal for lectures and other
meetings without food, up to
400 guests. Lectern on west
Banquet 3
(Ideal for standard, seated
banquets, up to 175 guests
with lectern at west end,
display tables at east end.)
Intimate Speaker
(Ideal for presenter in intimate
setting with up to 250 guests.
Light refreshments. No meal.)
(Ideal for receptions, up to 320
guests. The number of low
tables for 8 or high bistro
tables for 5 is up to you.)
Eat & Meet
(Guests sit at round tables to
eat at the east end, then move
to lectern area with chairs at
west end. Up to 100.)
click to sign
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Please prepare and submit this form to the Ofce of Student Services, located in
Student Center 303. You may fax this form to 405-574-1220 or email to
fr@usao.edu. When you submit this form, you are making a “booking hold.” Your
event is not conrmed until it is approved and fees are paid. All ve blocks on the
front must be lled out, and you must conrm your facility reservation in person
or by phone, 405-574-1278.
1. No outside catering is permitted except for wedding cake. Please discuss
your plans with Campus Dining, 405-224-6050.
2. USAO is tobacco free, as are all state agencies. This means tobacco
in any form, including but not limited to cigarettes, cigars, pipes,
smokeless tobacco, electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes), vaping
devices and other tobacco products be prohibited on the campus
property of USAO.
3. Alcoholic beverages are prohibited on University property except for alcohol
catered through Campus Dining Services, which is licensed by the state.
Alcohol must be consumed in the space where it’s served, not outside
or in other facilities. If alcohol is served at your event, additional security
personnel are needed. See fees at right.
4. Posting decorations with tape, nails or thumb tacks to walls, doors,
draperies, blinds, pews, drapes or other surfaces is PROHIBITED
– in all
campus facilities.
5. The following items are PROHIBITED in all facilities: lighted candles, fabric
with glitter, ice sculptures, rice, bird seed, live rose petals, glitter (in any
form), confetti, smoke/fog machines, duct tape. If you need to tape down any
decorations or cords to the floor, please ask us for a roll of theater gaff tape,
which leaves no residue.
6. Under Oklahoma State statutes, firearms are not allowed anywhere on
University property.
7. The University will not be responsible for any personal equipment, clothing,
and/or other items. If an item is found, it will be retained in Student Services.
Call 405-574-1278 for lost and found.
8. All facility rental fees must be paid once reservations are approved. This
amount is non-refundable.
9. To protect campus facilities, a security deposit is required for every event.
Capacity / Space / Use
Ballroom .................................280/banquet, 400/standing
Fee rental includes ballroom and 2nd-oor lobby only. You may decorate the
ballroom and lobby, but for re safety and handicap accessibility, you must
leave open, safe passageway to elevators and through to other facilities. Fee
includes 1 lectern and mic at no extra charge. For projection services and
other additional technology, see fees at right. Space is 40-by-95-feet inside the
large oak columns. Ceiling height is12 feet. This space is ideal for receptions,
banquets and meetings with more than 75 guests. For smaller events, consider
the Regents Room.
Once your event is approved, you will be required to pay facilities fees within
seven business days or your reservation will be forfeited. Facilities fees are paid
to USAO. Catering fees are paid to Campus Dining separately.
Ballroom Rental Fee....
..............................$500 (one day)
Additional half-day for rehearsal or decorating, $250. For room layout, see page 1 of the
Ballroom reservation form. Your fee includes one lectern with mic. Additional technology
requires fees, below, and a technician required.
Security deposit .............................................
Charged to protect facilities. This will be refunded after the event if no damages
are incurred.
Security personnel
..................or the equivalent to the rental fee (whichever is lower)
If we determine that additional security is needed for your event, the number
of security personnel needed will be arranged through Student Services in
consultation with Security. The hourly rate will be charged per staff needed.
If we determine that additional custodial support is needed, arrangments are
made through Student Services.
Audio Visual (A/V) technician
$25/hour per technician
If we determine that an A/V technician(s) is needed for your event, a two-hour
minimum applies.
Additional multimedia equipment
If the A/V needs for your event can be satised easily with the equipment already
installed in this facility, and without staff support, no additional charges will apply.
However, you may be required to pay fees for the following:
Laptop rental...................................................$50
Additional mics................................................$20 each
Once the equipment has been set to meet your needs, with or without a tech
rehearsal, you may NOT adjust any settings to the preset equipment, including
your personal equipment. If settings are changed, and the equipment quits
working for your event, additional charges may be applied. Charges may
included a tech to come after hours and reset the equipment.
Welcome to USAO. We are pleased to host your event. If you have questions about facilities at USAO, please call Student
Services at 405-574-1278 Monday-Friday from 8 a.m.-5 p.m.
.................................(2-hour minimum)