INFORMATION UPDATING SERVICE AND AUTHORIZATIONS If you have authorized a merchant to bill charges to
your card on a recurring basis, it is your responsibility to notify the merchant in the event your card is replaced, your
account information (such as card number or expiration date) changes, or your account is closed. However, if your card is
replaced or your account information changes, you authorize us, without obligation on our part, to provide the updated
account information to the merchant in order to permit the merchant to bill recurring charges to your card. You authorize us
to apply such recurring charges to your card until you notify us that you have revoked authorization for the charges to your
Your card is automatically enrolled in an information updating service. Through this service, your updated account
information (such as card number or expiration date) may be shared with participating merchants to facilitate continued
recurring charges. Updates are not guaranteed before your next payment to a merchant is due. You are responsible for
making direct payment until recurring charges resume. To revoke your authorization allowing us to provide updated
account information to a merchant, please contact us.