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1211 South Glenstone Avenue | Springfield, MO 65804 USA | 417.862.9533 | 800.443.1083 | USA Fax: 417.862.0863 | Email:
Date of Birth: Month / Day / Year (Example: JAN/05/1987)
______ / ______ / ______
Applicants attending a High School
Please print or type ALL information on this form
Status: New Applicant Reactivating student
Have you previously enrolled as a BSB student? Yes No
Have you ever studied through another Global University Network Office? Yes No
(If yes to the above) Former Student No: Former Enrollment Office:
Student Information: Home Address:
Last/Family Name: ________________________________________ ______________________________________________
First/Given Name: ________________________________________ ______________________________________________
Middle Name: ___________________________________________ ______________________________________________
Maiden Name: ___________________________________________ ______________________________________________
Primary Phone: ___________________________________________ Country: _______________________________________
Other Phone: ___________________________________________ Email: ________________________________________
Title: Mr. Ms. Mrs.
Marital Status: Single Married
Gender: Male Female
Country of Citizenship: ____________________________________
Primary language spoken: __________________________________
Language of Study: _______________________________________
Required Documentation: A copy of your high school transcript
Name of School Grade Completed Anticipated Year of Graduation
Mark the study option for which you are applying. (Choose only one)
 Undeclared Concurrent Enrolled High School Student (studying only for college credit)
 Undeclared Dual Enrolled High School Student (studying for high school and college credit)*
 Other
*Signature of High School Official is Required for Dual Enrolled Applicants
Official’s Signature: Date:
Primary Religious Affiliation:
Assemblies of God Other Pentecostal
Protestant Roman Catholic
Other (specify): ___________________________
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1211 South Glenstone Avenue | Springfield, MO 65804 USA | 417.862.9533 | 800.443.1083 | USA Fax: 417.862.0863 | Email:
All Global University Students:
It is the student’s responsibility to verify the applicability of Global University’s credits toward any educational goal. Students
desiring to transfer credits to another institution must contact the receiving institution to verify GU credits will be transferable.
Email is considered a primary method for communication and is intended to meet the academic and administrative needs of the
University. Therefore students are expected to monitor their Global University student email account on a regular basis
Students are responsible for all shipping/duty fees for materials shipped outside the USA.
The application/reactivation fee is non-refundable five business days after this form is received by Global University.
Concurrent/Dual Enrolled Students:
Will be enrolled in college-level courses that are academically rigorous as is appropriate for university education. Therefore,
expectations of student behavior and performance will be held to a higher standard.
Are eligible to matriculate into a Global University degree program with advanced placement following high school graduation.
Must pass first undergraduate course with at least a grade of 73 percent before enrolling in subsequent courses.
Are expected to maintain a grade point average of 2.00 or higher. Students with a GPA below 2.00 after completing three courses
must request the dean’s permission to enroll in additional undergraduate courses.
May enroll in only one course at a time until 18 credits are completed with a grade point average of 2.00 or higher.
May enroll at the reduced tuition rate for up to 32 credits or until completing high school or passing the General Education
Development (GED) exam; whichever comes first.
All fees will be the full responsibility of the student’s parent/legal guardian. Global University must receive payment in full when the
student enrolls in each course.
Global University’s cancellation and refund policy will apply if a concurrent/dual enrolled student withdraws. Please review this
policy in the undergraduate catalog.
How did you hear about Global University?
I authorize Global University to release all academic and financial records to and give authorization for my courses to:
Name of Parent/Legal Guardian: ________________________________________________________
GU study group: _________________________________ City: ______________________ State: ____ Group ID #_______________
(if applicable)
Date: _____ / _____ / _____ Applicant’s Signature: _____________________________________________________
Month Day Year
Print Full Name: _____________________________________________________
AS THE PARENT/LEGAL GUARDIAN, I hereby grant permission for the above named student to enroll in Global University’s
Undergraduate School of Bible and Theology
Date: _____ / _____ / _____ Guardian’s Signature: ______________________________________________________
Month Day Year
Print Full Name: _____________________________________________________
Parent/Guardian’s Email: _____________________________________________________
Payment Method (if paying by credit card please fax or mail form; do not email credit card information):
Check enclosed Please bill my credit card: Visa Master Card Discover
Check # Credit Card # Expiration Date
FOR OFFICE USE ONLY U-18 Application-EN 20191219
Date: _____ / _____ / _____ I recommend this student for the study option he or she has indicated.
Month Day Year
Global University Registrar’s Signature: _________________________________________
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