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UHP Students are expected to participate in the activities of the UHP, including a minimum of
twelve (12) hours of service each semester. The UHP is proud to be an elite community who
believe that volunteering their services is vital to student success! Volunteering has been
associated with academic gain, builds problem-solving skills, provides excellent networking
opportunities as well as a sense of responsibility and pride, and brings learning beyond the
Nearly any volunteer activity that would normally be thought of as service to the program or
service to the community may count for service hour credit. If you have questions about a
particular activity, please check with the program coordinator or director before making your
plans. UHP Service options are: Food Pantry, Masquerade Ball, Interviews, Stone Soup Bowls,
Newsletter, Campus “Clean-Up” Day, and Tutoring.
In the case of service to the program, committee chairs are authorized to sign this form attesting
that you have completed the indicated number of hours.
Signature of Project Representative