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Applicant: Please list your name, the semester/term and year you would be available to begin
tutoring and the course(s) that you wish to tutor
. Submit this form to either a current instructor or
to a faculty member in the same department who is best able to judge your academic and
interpersonal skills.
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Faculty Member: The student presenting this form to you is applying to become a peer tutor at
Saint Paul College. Please share your honest opinion regarding the student's abilities; your
responses will not be shared with the applicant.
This form may be submitted to Tutoring Services in any of the following formats:
• via your Saint Paul College email address to tutoring@saintpaul.edu
• via mail to Saint Paul College, 235 Marshall Avenue, St. Paul, MN 55102
• by hand to the Tutoring Center, Room 3125
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If you need disability related accommodations to make this document accessible, please contact the Director of
Access & Disability Resources at 651.846.1547 or AccessResources@saintpaul.edu.
Saint Paul College is an Equal Opportunity employer and educator and a member of Minnesota State.
I believe this applicant possesses the following qualities/abilities necessary to become a peer
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have not
Excellent study skills/habits
Strong command of course/subject
content in my course(s):
Strong verbal communication skills:
Strong written communication skills:
Active listening skills/
Ability to follow directions carefully
Has a positive attitude, especially
towards learning new things
Demonstrates a desire to help others
Easily relates to people from varying
educational, cultural, and social
Do you recommend that we should hire
the applicant to serve as a peer tutor?
Yes No
Why or why not? (For example, what
strengths/weaknesses do you believe the
applicant possesses that led you to your
Thank you for taking the time to submit this form! Your recommendations are valuable because they
help ensure that Saint Paul College students receive consistently high-quality tutoring services. We
will contact you, if necessary, to verify information.