Trip Checklist
Please use the following checklist in planning your trip.
If the group agrees to travel for any reason, that decision must be reflected in the club’s
minutes. The details must be officially documented (destination, dates of travel, which advisor(s)
will accompany the club, and that the funds are available to cover the costs of travel).
Make a budget of all anticipated expenses which may include travel costs (flights, state rate, or
mileage reimbursement). Hotel, food, entry fees, admission, etc.
It is recommended that clubs use college owned vehicles for travel purposes, but in the event
that personal vehicles are used, a Travel Order must still be submitted in advance. The club has
the option of reimbursing the owner of a personal vehicle used for club travel, in which case, the
Mileage Reimbursement Form should be used. To use a college owned vehicle, the advisor
must complete a Travel Order as well as reserve the vehicle through Employee SharePoint.
Refer to the vehicle reservation procedures online.
Make sure your drivers are approved through UPD.
Reserve hotel rooms, if applicable. Hotel rooms shall not be shared by students and advisors.
Students sharing a hotel room shall be of the same gender identity.
Estimate how much cash you may need for food, entry fees, admission, etc.
Secure the required funding by submitting appropriate paperwork. Contact the SGA Accountant
if you have questions. REMEMBER: check request and cash advances can take up to a full
week to secure through Student Financial Services. No club or organization is allowed to
exceed their annual budget allocation. Club funds are allocated in specific budget lines. The
rules for accounting and disbursing funds must be followed.
The week (seven (7) days) prior to your event/trip, confirm reservations and hand in the
Emergency Contact Information Form with the names of all student and responsible advisor(s)
or staff/faculty person participating in the event. Also, include the phone number of the advisor
or staff/faculty person responsible so they can be reached in the event of an emergency.
If any problems arise during a trip, contact the University Police at (518)255-5555.
If you have any questions regarding a club trip, please call the SGA Accountant at (518)255-5530 or
the SGA Advisor at (518)255-5300.