It is the purpose of these policies to provide a fair process for the use of Tulalip Tribal equipment and facilies that
safeguards the resources of the Tribes.
A) Tribal government facilies include (but are not limited to):
• Administraon Building
• Kenny Moses Building (“KMB”)
• Tribal Gym/Greg Williams Court
• Alpheus “Gunny” Jones Ball Field & Concession
• Uppys Kitchen
• Fire Pit
• Mission Highlands
• Dining Hall
B) Tribal government equipment include (but are not limited to):
• Portable Tables and Chairs
• Uppy’s Kitchen Equipment (kitchen equipment does NOT include cookware or dishware).
C) All Tribal employees may use Tribal government facilies for work-related purposes.
D) Tribal members, including those who are employees, may use Tribal government facilies for personal purposes, in
accordance with these policies.
E) Non-Tribal members may not use Tribal Government facilies for personal purposes.
F) The following uses are permied by non-Tribal members with no fees required.
G) Tribal aliated head coaches with a 60% or more Tulalip Tribal members on their teams (registraon forms are
required with Tribal IDs provided).
H) Tulalip B&G Club, Heritage High School will be allowed usage for youth related acvies with no fees required.
I) With the excepon of the KMB, overnight events will not be allowed at the facilies and facilies will locked and
secured at 12:00 midnight.
When key check out is not available (such as for Uppys Kitchen or the Tribal Gym), sta will open and close
facility at me requested on Facility Rental Request Form.
J) Acvies that are contrary to the Mission, Vision, and Values of the Tulalip Tribes may not be held in Tribal facilies.
The Execuve Director for Administrave Services determines what constutes a work-related purpose and if an
acvity is contrary to the Mission, Vision, and Values of the Tulalip Tribes.
K) Drugs and alcohol are not allowed in any Tribal government facility except:
Alcohol may be served at the Dining Hall if all of the requirements to do so have been sased with the
Tulalip Tax and Licensing Department.
A) All Tribal government facilies require reservaons. Tribal government facilies are available on a rst-come, rst-
served basis.
Please allow 15 days prior to the event, so that management can adjust sta schedules as needed.
B) The Customer Service Representave Coordinators whom are located at the administraon building, manage the
reservaon process and determines the order of service. A reservaon is only conrmed when a Facility Rental Request
Form and the Tribal Government Facility & Equipment Policy are signed and the deposit and fee are paid in full.
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Tribal Government Facility and
Equipment Policy
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C) Facilies not requiring a fee or deposit, a reservaon is conrmed when the Facility Rental Request and Policy
forms are signed and returned.
D) Mulple facilies can be reserved by the same renter at the same me.
E) For example: Tribal Gym, Greg Williams Court, and Uppy’s Kitchen might be used at the same me
(fees and deposit for each facility is required).
F) Users must leave the facility in a clean and orderly condion.
G) The Custodial Maintenance sta/Community Services sta (or department designee) and renter will do a walk
through, before and aer events, and they will determine if facility is clean and orderly. They both will sign o
on a walk through form, which will be given to Customer Service Representave Coordinator to process any
refundable deposit.
H) Must be 18 years or older to be in charge of facility rental.
I) Must be 21 years or older to be in charge of Youth Services Fields and Skate Park.
J) The rental period requested must include sucient me for the renter to set up and clean up prior to and following
the renters event.
A) Damage and cleaning deposits and a nonrefundable usage fee are required to use the above named facilies
with excepon of:
Employees for work-related purposes, Tulalip Tribal members’ memorial ceremonies (one-day usage only)
(addional fees may apply if more than one facility is requested and/or if more than one day is required),
Tulalip Boys & Girls Club, and Heritage High School for youth related acvies.
B) The damage/cleaning deposit and the daily fees (calendar day) nonrefundable usage fee will vary depending on
the event and facility. Other deposits and fees may apply for the Dining Hall and Youth Services elds depending on
areas requested. Please see rental applicaon.
C) If alcohol (beer & wine) is being served at the Dining Hall, a $1,500 damage and cleaning deposit will be required.
D) Deposits and usage fees must be paid no later than the een (15) business day prior to the facility usage start date.
E) Reservaons made less than een (15) business days before an event will require the usage fee and deposit to be paid
in full to secure date(s) requested, with Custodial Manager approval (due to sta availability), as stated in IIa secon.
F) Reservaons canceled by the renter no less than 24 hours prior to start date of request, will be refundable as long as
the facility is not used and all fees and deposit will be returned to the renter.
G) To use Tribal facilies and equipment, a user must sign and agree to Facility Rental Request and Tribal Government
Facility & Equipment Policy.
H) The user agrees that a $50 cleaning fee will be withheld from the deposit if the facility is not le in a clean and
orderly condion (addional cleaning fees may apply for Youth Services Fields).
I) In addion, the user may be required to pay for the actual costs of any repairs, replacements or cleanup to Tribal
facilies or equipment as a result of any damage caused by the users ulizaon of tribal facilies or equipment.
J) User must agree that costs may be withheld from the damage and cleaning deposit and any addional costs beyond
the deposit amount may be deducted from the users per capita distribuons unl the total costs are sased.
K) Fees and deposits are subject to change.
I hereby acknowledge receipt of the Facility & Equipment Policy and agree to comply with the requirements set therein regarding
use of Tulalip Tribes Facilies.
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