Town and Country Planning (Scotland) Act 1997
The Town and Country Planning (Tree Preservation Order and Trees in Conservation Areas) Scotland
Regulations 2010
Please refer to the accompanying Guidance Notes when completing this application
ELECTRONICALLY VIA https://www.eplanning.scot
1. Applicant’s Details 2. Agent’s Details (if any)
Title Ref No.
Forename Forename
Surname Surname
Company Name Company Name
Building No./Name Building No./Name
Address Line 1 Address Line 1
Address Line 2 Address Line 2
Town/City Town/City
Postcode Postcode
Telephone Telephone
Mobile Mobile
Fax Fax
Email Email
3. Address or Location of Proposed Tree Works (please include postcode)
NB. If you do not have a full site address please identify the location of the site(s) in your accompanying
4. Ownership of Trees
Is the applicant the owner of the trees? Yes No
If no, has the owner been notified? Yes No
If you are not the owner please provide the name and address of the owner (if known):
What is your / the applicant’s interest in the site where the tree(s) are located?
5. Details of Tree Protection
Under what procedures/designations are these trees(s) protected?
Tree Preservation Order* Conservation Area Condition on Planning Permission**
*Please provide any relevant details about the Tree Preservation Order (e.g. title and date of the Tree Preservation
Order, If known):
**Please give the application reference number:
6. Identification of Tree(s) and Works Proposed
Please identify the tree(s) and provide a full detailed specification of the works you want to carry out.
Give details of the species of the tree(s) and include an accurate plan showing position(s) of the tree(s) in relation
to buildings, named roads and boundaries. If the trees are protected by a TPO, please try to number them as
shown in the First Schedule to the Tree Preservation Order (e.g. T3 Oak, two Beech and one Birch in G2; seven
Ash in A1; sycamore in W1). You may submit a schedule of works.
Approximately how many trees are affected by the proposed works?*
*A group of trees can be treated as one.
Please provide details:
7. Reasons for Proposed Tree Works
Please state the reasons why you wish to carry out the proposed works to tree(s). In particular, please indicate
whether the reasons for carrying out the proposed works include any of the following.
Health or Safety of the tree(s) e.g. it is diseased, fears that it might break or fall
Alleged subsidence damage
Other (please specify)
The Planning Authority may require you to submit a professional report in support of your reason for the proposed
8. Tree Works additional information
Are you proposing to plant replacement tree(s) in support of your application? Yes No
If yes, please outline your replanting proposals on plans or other supporting information. Yes No
9. Planning Service Employee/Elected Member Interest
Are you / the applicant / the applicant’s spouse or partner, a member of staff within the planning service or an
elected member of the planning authority? Yes No
Or, are you / the applicant / the applicant’s spouse or partner a close relative of a member of staff in the planning
service or elected member of the planning authority? Yes No
If you have answered yes please provide details:
10. Declaration
I, the applicant/agent am applying for permission to carry out works to trees as described in this form. The
accompanying plans/drawings and additional information are provided as part of this application. I hereby confirm
that the information given in this form is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge.
Signature: Name: Date:
Any personal data that you have been asked to provide on this from will be held and processed in accordance with
Data Protection Legislation.