Application for Club/Organization Charter Renewal
Club/Organization Name: ___________________________ Date:
Faculty/Staff Advisor: Campus: _________ Phone: _______________ Email: ________________
Main Student
Contact: _____________________ Phone : _________________ Email: _______________________
Please indicate on which
campus your club/organization
will be active:
If Ontario-only, does your
club/organization offer
any events, activities or services at the
Caldwell Center?
An Ontario club/organization exists solely on the
main campus, with an Ontario faculty/staff member
advisor and Ontario student members.
A Caldwell club/organization exists solely at the
Caldwell Center, with a Caldwell faculty/staff member
advisor and Caldwell student members.
A Dual-Campus club/organization charters on both
campuses by selecting an advisor from both Caldwell
and Ontario, and has at least 10 member students
from Caldwell and 10 member students from Ontario.
Note: The Clubs/Organizations Coordinator will use the Main Student Contact and the Advisor Contact information to stay in
consistent contact with the club/organization. Contact information may be accessible to the public if need necessary and is
compliant with FERPA. The Main Student Contact will be the club/organization representative to the ASG and must be available
to attend mandatory meetings.
Club/Organization Purpose:
Planned Activities
On-Campus Meeting Date/Time/ Location
Charter Membership Roster
Please list at least 10 currently enrolled student members. For Dual-Campus Clubs/Organizations, 10 members from
BOTH the Caldwell Center and the Ontario Campus must be listed. More members may be listed on the back of this
application if needed. Student Enrollment Data will be verified by the Clubs/Organizations Coordinator to ensure current
Student Name Student ID# Phone Email (if available)
Return this application to the Clubs/Organizations Center. The Clubs/Organizations Coordinator will notify you of
date/time/location of the charter application review meeting. It is essential that a club/organization representative and/or
advisor attend the review meeting to answer questions.
I have read and understand the ASTVCC Club/Organization Chartering procedures. I agree, as the main student
contact, that our club/organization will abide by the procedures and rules stated in the ASTVCC Clubs/Organizations
Chartering and General Procedures Manual. I understand that if our club/organization violates any of the stated rules
and procedures our club/organization may face probation or charter revocation. As the main student contact, I
understand I am responsible for keeping club/organization members informed on these policies and staying in
contact with the club/organization advisor.
Main Student Contact Signature Student ID # Date
Advisor Signature Date
Student Programs Use Only
Received by _____________ Date Completed Application Received ___________
Date of Charter Approval Date of Charter Denial