A&F, Financial Services, 1/30/2020
Name of Traveler: __________________________________
NetID: _______________
Department ID: ________________
Email: __________________________ Department Contact/Preparer: _________________________
Phone: __________________
Traveler Category: Faculty Staff/Administration Group CSUEB Student Prospective Student/Guest
Travel Type: In-State Out-of-State International (All international travel requires pre-approval of the President)
Destination(s): __________________________________________________________________________________________________
Travel Dates (to/from): _________________________________________
Personal Travel Dates (if any): ______________________
Business Purpose: ________________________________________________________________________________________________
The ICSUAM 3601.01 Policy states, "It is the responsibility of each
individual who spends funds related to official University business
travel and for each administrator and approving authority who
approves use of funds related to official business travel to be aware
of and follow policy and procedures in effect at the time of travel"
(CSU, 2019).
Helpful links:
Systemwide CSU Travel Policy and Procedures |
Systemwide CSU
Travel Guidelines | Chancellor's Office Technical Letter | Foreign
Travel | High Risk Area
All faculty, staff and students traveling internationally on CSU
business are required to use the Foreign Travel Insurance Program.
*If using a privately owned vehicle, traveler must have: a) a current
Authorization to use Privately Owned Vehicle form (STD261
) on file with
the University; b) the minimum liability insurance as required by State
law; and c) satisfied the
Defense Driving Training requirements.
Meals: __________
Registration: __________
Lodging: __________
*Transportation | Airfare | Parking: __________
Foreign Travel Insurance: __________
Other: __________
Total: __________
Fund DeptID Program Class Project
Requestor: ___________________________________________
Signature: _________________________
Date: _____________
Approving Authority: __________________________________
Signature: _________________________
Date: _____________
PI/Dept. Approver (if any): __________________________________
Signature: _________________________
Date: _____________
Foundation /Other Approver (if any): ____________________________
Signature: _________________________
Date: _____________
If Division Vice President/President approval is required, please describe justification for travel policy exception and include expense amount in the space below.
VP/President: _________________________________________
Signature: _________________________
Date: _____________
ALL International Travel must be pre-approved by the University President and must be submitted 60 days prior to travel.
Travel Advisory Level:
How? Enter Country or area in search bar: travel.state.gov
Emergency Contact: ____________________________
Relationship: ___________________________
Phone: ________________
Email: _________________________________
Or you may provide this information directly to: ann.rivas@csueastbay.edu
Signature: _________________________
Date: ______________
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