Updated 7/31/18
Travel Approval for Non-State Employee
Southeastern Louisiana University approves travel reim
bursement for reasonable
travel related expenses subject to the guidelines of the State’s Travel Regulations
(PPM49) for ____________________________(name of traveler), who is
traveling for the University on the following dates, __________ to __________,
for the purpose of ___________________________________________________.
This approval is granted solely for the purpose of allowing the University to
reimburse the traveler for allowable expenses and does not, in any way, impute
responsibility or liability on the part of the University for any loss or claim which
may arise out of this travel.
By signing below, the traveler acknowledges his/her understanding of the purpose
of this document as stated above and further acknowledges that the University
accepts no responsibility or liability for any loss or claim which may arise out of
this travel.
Budget Unit # __________ Budget Unit Description _______________________
Budget Unit Contact __________________________ Phone # _______________
Email ______________________________________ TA# __________________
_______________________________ ______________________
Traveler’s Signature Date Signed
Vice President for Administration Date Signed
and Finance’s Signature
For candidate travel, use the interviewing department's information above.