Age 18 Student Transfer of Rights Notification Bureau of Exceptional Education and Student Services
PEER March 2014 Florida Department of Education
County School District
Exceptional Student Education (ESE)
Transfer of Rights at Age of Majority (Age 18)
Student Notification
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Florida law provides for the transfer to rights when an individual reaches the age of majority at age 18.
An exception to this transfer can occur only if, in response to a petition, a court determines that the
individual is incapacitated and a guardian is appointed. This is especially important for students with
disabilities who receive exceptional student education (ESE) services under the Individuals with
Disabilities Education Act (IDEA).
Under IDEA, all rights accorded to your parent(s)/guardian(s) with regard to your ESE services transfer
to you on your 18
birthday. In addition, IDEA provides that your parent(s)/guardian(s) retain the right,
along with you, to receive any notices about your ESE program.
You have reached the age of majority and no documentation of court action limiting the transfer of
rights under IDEA has been provided to the district. Therefore, this notice is to inform you that all
rights and protections previously accorded to your parent(s)/guardian(s) now transfer to you.
If you have any questions regarding this notice or wish to obtain a copy of the Notice of Procedural
Safeguards for Parents of Students with Disabilities, please contact the following:
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