Transfer Request for Unique Setting High School
April 7, 2021 School Improvement Page 1 | 2
This form is only for requests to transfer to one of the following unique settings high
Alternative High School
Discovering Choices
Louise Dean School
1 | Go to the school website for information about the requested school and its
transfer process and requirements. Some schools require additional forms.
Follow the directions provided on the school website.
Alternative High School:
Discovering Choices:
Louise Dean School:
2 | The parent / legal guardian or independent student must fill out Page 2 of this
3 | Submit this form, plus any other forms required by the unique setting high school,
to your designated high school.
Note: CBE will respond to your transfer request through email.
CBe-learn Transfer Request
1 | Complete this form and the
Parent Acknowledgement of Understanding for CBe-
Learn. The forms can be completed either in print or digitally.
2 | Submit both forms according to the instructions on the Parent Acknowledgement
Questions |
Please contact your
designated high school.
April 7, 2021 School Improvement Page 2 | 2
This form is only for transfer requests to Alternative High School, CBe-learn, Discovering Choices or Louise Dean
School. To be completed by the Parent / Legal Guardian or Independent Student.
Student First Name:
Middle Initial:
Last Name:
CBE Student ID #:
Date of Birth: (YYYY/MM/DD)
Student Address: (with Postal Code)
Special Education Coding:
Yes No
Current School:
Current Grade:
Designated School:
Requested School: Alternative High School CBe-learn Discovering Choices Louise Dean School
Reason for Transfer Request:
Requested Grade:
Subjects Desired at Requested School:
Parent (or Legal Guardian or Independent Student) Name:
Address (if different from student):
Parent Home Phone:
Parent Business Phone:
Parent Cell Phone:
Parent Email Address:
I, as the Parent / Legal Guardian or Independent Student acknowledge that:
I have reviewed the transfer information on my requested school’s website; and
This request will not necessarily result in the student’s transfer to the requested school; and
The request will be considered with regard to enrolment priorities set out under the Education Act and the
policies of The Calgary Board of Education.
Note: If the student is an “independent student” as defined in the Education Act, the student’s residency will be
I, the undersigned, hereby represent and have the legal authority to request a transfer for the child. By submitting this
form, I declare the information that I have provided is complete and accurate.
For printed form submissions: For digital form submissions:
Sign your name below. If this is a digital form that you will submit through email,
type your name below. This acts as your signature.
Date: (YYYY/MM/DD) Date: (YYYY/MM/DD)
Authorization for Collection of Personal Information
Personal information contained on this form is collected under the Student Record Regulation of the Education Act, and section 33(c) of the
Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. The information will be used for the purpose of student registration. If you have any
questions regarding the collection of this information, contact the school Principal.
Transfer Request for Unique Setting High School