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Transfer Request Form
The student, named below, has been accepted into a program at Loma Linda University (LOS214F00109000)
that will begin on . We are requesting the transfer (release) of their SEVIS record. Please
mail or fax this completed form. If you have questions, call (909)558-4955.
Student’s Family Name, First/Given Name Date of Birth (mm/dd/yyyy)
To be completed by the Student:
Name (as it appears in your passport):
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Current program/field of study:
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By signing here, I authorize my current International Student Advisor to release the information on this form to
Loma Linda University.
Signature: Current ID # Date:
To be completed by the International Student Advisor:
G This student is eligible for transfer. The “Transfer out” release date is (mm/dd/yy):
G This student is not eligible to transfer for the following reason(s):
Comments, if any, regarding this transfer:
PDSO / DSO who processed this transfer request:
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