Transfer Credit Request Form
Matriculated SUNY Potsdam students must obtain campus approval prior to taking courses hosted at another institution in order to evaluate transferability
and applicability to degree requirements. SUNY Potsdam tuition may be applied to courses which are essential for on-time graduation and are taken at another
SUNY institution. For more information on Cross Registration and Off-Campus Study, including important information regarding transfer credits, grades and
financial aid, please visit [link will be put here once it exists].
Student fills all applicable fields outlined in blue. Advisor or Department Chair fills the remaining fields.
Transfer course equivalencies may be found at Requests for courses not on
the tables must be accompanied by a copy of the course description.
Student and Advisor, or Department Chair, must sign the appropriate signature line toward the bottom of the form.
After receipt of this form, the Registrar’s Office will email the student's account with notification about cross registration or other off-campus
study eligibility. The email will include further instructions explaining how to proceed. If the student does not receive an email, please contact us at to confirm receipt of this form.
Student Name ________________________________ Student ID (P#)
Major ________________________
Host institution Semester and year for course(s)
Rationale for requesting off-campus study
Course # & Title at Host Institution
Transfer Course
Does course fulfill
requirement for Major, Minor,
GE, Elective or none?
Is course essential
for on-time
Yes / No
Is there a non-
equiv. available
at Potsdam?
Yes / No
Advisor or
By signing below, you are indicating that you have reviewed the information provided on this form and it is accurate to the best of your knowledge.
Student __________________________________ Advisor or Department Chair _____________________________________
For Office Use Only: ___ Approved ___ Denied Reason(s) _____________________________________________________
Please return the completed form to One Stop, Raymond 4th floor.