General notes:
• Agradeof“C-”orbetterisrequiredforacoursetotransfer.
• CMUwillacceptcommunitycollegetransfercreditsbeyondtherecommended64semesterhours,howeverstudentswillneedtocompleteaminimum
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Transfer Credit Guide
This guide is subject to change and should be used in consultation with an academic advisor.
Associate of Arts
General Studies – Psychology Concentration
Bay Mills Community College
Central Michigan University
Bachelor of Science
Psychology, General
Composition (7 - 8)
*/***EN 111 College Composition (4)
Select one of the following:
*/**/***EN 112 Composition & Research (4)
*/***EN 107 Public Speaking (3)
***NL 105 Ojibwe Language (3)
MACRAO requires ENG 101 and 201 equivalent courses.
MTA requires ENG 101 and ENG 201 or COM 357 equivalent courses. ENGL 102 is the preferred
CMU Competency requires all three courses
Group I Humanities: (6 – 8)
Select from the following courses: ED 252, 255; EN 206, 225; HS 109, 110, 202; HU 116, 122; NA
110, 113, 117, 122, 123, 125, 131, 132, 136, 154, 205, 213, 219, 225; NI 104, 106, 108, 117; NL 105,
106, 116; NP 141
MACRAO requires at least 8 credits from two subjects
MTA requires two courses from two subjects***
Group II Social Sciences: (7 – 8)
PY 101 Introduction to Psychology (4)
Select additional courses from the following: BU 108, 109; CJ 101, 201; EC 101, 212, 217; ED 201;
ES 105; GE 105; HS 105, 106, 109, 110, 212; NA 125; PY 101, 205, 208, 214; SO 103, 106, 203, 206,
209, 212, 213.
MACRAO requires at least 8 credits from two subjects
MTA requires two courses from two subjects***
Group III Natural Sciences: (4 – 8)
Select from the following: BI 101, 107, 110; CH 104, 110; NS 101, 107, 114; PS 112.
MACRAO requires at least 4 credits from one lab science course
MTA requires two courses from two subjects. One course must be a lab science course***
Mathematics: (4)
***MA116 College Algebra (4)
***MA 206 Statistical Methods I (4)
Designated Third Writing Course (3-4 Credit Hours)
EN219 Technical and Report Writing (4) or
EN256 Advanced Composition and Research (4) or
BU193 Communication and Writing Skills (3)
Additional Requirements (9 Credit Hours)
CS 112 Introduction to Computers (4) OR
CS 121 Principles of Microsoft Office (4)
*EN 107 Public Speaking (3)
ES 101 Fitness & Wellness (2)
Major Coursework (9 Credit Hours)
PY 205 Abnormal Psychology (3)
PY 208 Counseling Theories and Techniques (3)
PY 214 Developmental Psychology (3)
General Electives
Please consult with your Bay Mills advisor for choices in your electives.
Total credits taken at Bay Mills Community College = 62-64
ENG 101
ENG 201
COM 357
OJB 101
Various Humanities Course Credit
PSY 100
Various Social Science Course
Various Natural Science Course
STA 282
ENG 303
CPS 100/BIS 104
COM 357
PSY 250
PSY 220
Various departmental transferable
Remaining General Education Requirements (0-9)
Area of Study I (0-6) Humanities
Area of Study II (0-3) Natural Sciences
Area of Study III (0) Social Sciences
Remaining Psychology Major Core Courses (18)
PSY 211 Introduction to Psychological Statistics (3)
PSY 285 Research Methods (3)
PSY 385 Applications of Research Methods (3)
Psychology Electives (9)
Please note that students must complete a minimum of 30 hours in
Psychology with a minimum of 15 hours of Psychology course work
at CMU.
Elective Credits (33-42)
Remaining General Education Requirements as well as elective
credits are to be selected in consultation with an advisor to ensure
that degree and graduation requirements will be satisfied.
Students are required to earn at least 124 semester hours in order
to graduate from CMU. 60 semester hours must be from a 4-year
degree granting institution. 40 of the semester hours must be 300
level courses.
Beginning the Fall 2014 students admitted to CMU will be required
to complete Writing Intensive and Quantitative Reasoning
requirements. A portion of these requirements may be satisfied by
transfer credit.
This transfer guide represents the MACRAO Transfer Agreement &
MTA fulfillment.
Please note that this transfer guide is applicable to those transfer
students who will be attending CMU's main campus in Mt. Pleasant,
MI., CMU's Global Campus and CMU Online.
Minimum credits taken at CMU = 30
This guide is subject to change and should be used in conjunction with an academic advisor and reflects successful completion of the MACRAO Agreement and the MTA. 11/14/2017
*CMU competency course requires a grade of "C" or better to satisfy the requirement.
**Preferred course selection and a required graduation requirement.
***MTA applicable courses require a grade of "C" or better to satisfy the requirement.
To ensure the transferability of coursework please consult the CMU Online Transfer Guide at Transferable courses completed with a grade of “C-“or better may be accepted.
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