Office of the Registrar, College Hall 102
Transfer Credit Application
For Credit Abroad: S
tudents seeking approval of credit for study outside of the U.S. need to submit their request via the
Smith International Travel Experience System (SITES). Please contact the Lewis Global Studies Center for questions.
For Credit in the U.S.:
1) Rev
iew transfer credit information and requirements on the Smith College registrar's office website
2) Complete this form and submit it to the Office of the Registrar (College Hall 102) or with catalog
description(s) of course(s) you are interested in taking.
The registrar’
s office will return the form to let you know which courses are approved. Do not register until you have
confirmation that the course has been pre-approv
After you co
mplete your course(s) have an official transcript sent from the institution you attended to the registrar’
e to complete the transf
er of credit.
Latin Honors:
Students may request to have transfer courses apply toward the Latin Honors distribution. A course may be
used to cover only one field of knowledge.
Grades: Grades for transfer credit are not recorded on the Smith transcript. A grade of C or higher must be earned in order
for a course to transfer. Students on academic probation must earn a B- or higher for a course to transfer.
Online courses: A syllabus must be submitted for online course review. See the registrar’s office website for more detailed
requirements for online transfer credit.
Honor Code: Students are responsible for knowing and adhering to the Smith College Honor Code as well as any code of
academic conduct at the institution(s) they choose to attend.
Date: _____________
Class: ___________ ID#:_______________________
Name: ________________________________ email: _____________________
Major: _______________ Adviser: _________________________
School to be attended: ______________________________________
Required summer credit? ____Yes _____No Online course?_____Yes______No
Term: Fall Spring Summer Interterm Year: ______________
Credits: Semester Credit Quarter Credit*
*quarter credit is equivalent of 2/3 of a semester credit
Dept. and
Course No.
Title of Course Credits
Latin Honors
RO use only
This form is only for approval of credit towards the degree. If courses are to be counted toward a major or minor, or as a
prerequisite, you must consult with your adviser and/or the chair of the appropriate department/program at Smith
College. It is your responsibility to ensure that these courses are acceptable for your major or minor, or as a prerequisite
Course(s) noted above as pre-approved for degree credit will be added to your record pending receipt of an official
approval: Date: