Transfer Credit Appeal Form
Date: ___________________________ Banner ID: ____________________________________
Student Name: ________________________________________________________________________
Buffalo State Email Address: _____________________________________________________________
Transfer course you are appealing:
Transfer Institution: ______________________________________________________________
Course Title: ____________________________________________________________________
Course prefix & number: __________________________________________________________
Along with this form, please attach a catalog description of the course and/or a copy of the syllabus for the
course you are wishing to transfer. You may also submit a letter outlining the reasons for the appeal, including
how and why the course should transfer.
Submit materials to the academic department chair for the transfer course in question.
(Date received constitutes the beginning of the 10-day notification process)
Department: ___________________________________ Date received: ____________________
Signature of Chair or designee: ___________________________________________________________
ACCEPTED* as equivalent to Buffalo State course: _____________________________________
Effective: Spring Fall 20___ For this student only OR For all students
Signature of Chair or designee: ____________________________ Date of Decision: ___________
*Approval by the chair is subject to verification by Admissions that the course is eligible for acceptance at SUNY
Buffalo State.
Once a decision has been made, please return to Moot Hall 110 or scan and email to
Date entered: ________________________ Initials: ______________ CEEB Code: __________________
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SUNY Buffalo State
Transfer Credit Appeal Process
Students transferring credit to Buffalo State must submit an official transcript from the institution where they
earned the credit to the Buffalo State Admissions Office. Admissions will complete a transfer credit evaluation
in accordance with academic regulations and after consulting with relevant academic departments.
Students may appeal the decision to deny transfer credit for a course by following these steps:
Complete the Transfer Credit Appeal Form
Attach supporting documentation as outlined on the Transfer Credit Appeal Form
Submit the form to the chair of the relevant academic department
Within 10 days of receiving the appeal form, the department chair will notify the student of their decision.
Admissions will be notified of any transfer credit changes to be made.
If an appeal is denied, the department chair will provide the student with information and necessary documents
to appeal the decision to the SUNY Office of the Provost.
Transfer Credit Appeal Contacts:
Amy Runfola Nicholas Insalaco
Assistant Director of Transfer Admissions Articulation & Transfer Advisor
716-878-3073 716-878-5910