International Student Services
Transfer Clearance Form
F-1 Transfer Students
(Students who have an I-20 from another U.S. institution)
Section 1: To be completed by student.
Please sign below indicating that your current school has your permission to release your SEVIS record to Henry Ford College.
Last Name: ________________________________ First Name: __________________________________
Year: _________
Semester you will begin study at HFC: Fall Winter Spring Summer
Signature: Date: SEVIS #:
(You can find this on your I-20)
Section 2: To be completed by your current international advisor
Please do not transfer the student’s SEVIS record until you have received a signed acceptance letter from Henry Ford College.
Name and Address of Current School: ______________
Is this student currently maintaining F-1 status at your institution? Yes No
Is this student eligible to continue studies at the current institution?
Yes No, please explain: ________
ing his/her last semester, this student:
Reported to this school but did not attend class.
Has been enrolled full time in an academic program since: _________
Was enrolled less than full time because: _________
Began studying in this program on ________________ and completed his/her studies on ___________
Did not complete his/her course of study and was last enrolled on ______________________________
Please indicate any practical training granted to this student:
CPT Dates: __________________________
OPT Dates: _____________________________
Has this student taken any reduced course loads? Yes No
If yes, please indicate the semester(s), year(s), and reason(s): ________________________________
SEVIS release date: _________________________________
Signature: ________________________________________ Date: _____________________________
Name: ____________________________ _______ Title: _________________________________________
Phone: ____________________ Email: ___________________________________________________
This form is for F-1 students who are currently studying in the United States and who have decided
to attend Henry Ford College. It must be completed prior to attending Henry Ford College.
Henry Ford College School Code: DET214F00320000
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