Saint Cloud Technical & Community College
Transfer Checklist (15-30 college credits 2
Check if
Academic Advising Center
Meet with SCTCC advisor to check on
academic progress
Meet with SCTCC advisor to inquire about
university and/or program changes
Take note of important information related
to your transfer process
List your top 5 academic programs/majors
Understand major requirements (GPA,
application process/timeline)
Understand admission requirements of the
transfer institutions
Center for Academic Success (CAS)
Learn strategies to maintain good grade for
more transfer opportunities
Connect with study groups and tutoring
Submit papers or communicate with tutors
4 Year Institution
Search for institutions that best meet your
needs and schedule a campus visit
Connect with college representative/
Transfer Admission Counselor to prepare for
course equivalency
Look at housing options and tour campuses
Check for and get involved with student
engagement opportunities
Meet with the transfer institutions early to
determined required courses that can be
taken during your degree at
Determine length of the program
Understand class size
Understand tuition and fees (per semester)
Understand grants and scholarships