Transfer Approval Form
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FAX: 304-260-4376
A Transfer Approval Form allows a degree seeking student at BRCTC to take classes at another accredited
institution and bring those classes back to BRCTC to apply the classes to their degree.
Students wanting to take classes elsewhere MUST:
- have an institutional GPA of above 2.0
- be in good academic standing at BRCTC
- not have attempted the course at BRCTC
- not be in the last semester, prior to graduation
- courses must be required for your major
First Name Last Name
Student ID
Catalog TermMajor
Phone Number
Section 1: Personal Information
Semester Taking Classes Elsewhere
Name of Institution
Course Subject & Number
Course Title Credit Hours
Admin Use for BRCTC Equivalent
Section 3: Home (BRCTC) Information
Are you Receiving Veterans Benefits?
Credits at BRCTC during semester
* Information can be obtained from Academic Transcript on Bridge
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Graduation Date
Section 2: Host (Visiting) School Information
Start Date End Date
Total Number of Credits at Host Institution
Institutional GPA Cumulative GPA
Transfer Hours Cumulative Earned Hours
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Section 4: Financial Aid
* BRCTC does not pay the host institution, it is the student's responsibility to register, pay, and provide documentation from the
host institution to BRCTC.
* Financial Aid will only apply if a student needs the additional hours to apply to their BRCTC Financial Aid.
* Financial Aid will only disburse to the students BRCTC account once all documentation has been received. Students can only
receive aid for the credits enrolled at BRCTC and those listed above.
* Before aid can be disbursed at BRCTC a copy of your schedule and bill from the Host institution MUST be submitted to the
Office of Financial Aid at BRCTC.
* Upon completion of the course and OFFICIAL transcript from the Host institution MUST be sent to BRCTC within 15 days of the end
of the semester to prevent aid being cancelled or other holds being place on the student account.
Do you plan to use your Host credits to apply to your BRCTC Financial Aid?
Section 5: Statements and Signatures
I understand the following statements by signing below:
__ I am in good academic standing and have above a 2.0 Institutional GPA.
__ I have not attempted this course at BRCTC.
__ The institution listed above is an accredited institution with the Higher Learning Commission.
__ I am not in my last semester, prior to graduation at BRCTC.
__ I MUST send a final official transcript to BRCTC at the completion of the course(s) listed above.
__ If using BRCTC financial aid, I MUST provide a copy of my schedule and a bill from the host institution prior to aid being disbursed.
__ I understand this agreement is only for one semester and is the specific semester and classes listed above.
__ I understand that I cannot receive financial aid at two institutions during the same semester.
__ I am responsible to pay tuition and fees at the host institution, according to their payment policy.
__ I am aware that I cannot change my enrollment at the host institution without notifying completing a new Approval Form.
Student Signature: Date:
I have met with the student and reviewed the items above with the student:
Advisor Signature: Date:
Advisor Name:
Financial Aid
Financial Aid Name:
VP of Enrollment